Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Butterflies: There May be Giants

What an exciting butterfly day I had! A Giant Swallowtail, Papillio Cresphontes in the front gardens; then another!

They were joined by several other butterflies, including a Tiger Swallowtail, shown here, and Gulf Frits, Spicebush Swallowtail and Sulphurs.

The Giant

The Tiger

Their nectar of choice was definitely Tithonia, ignoring lantana, marigolds and some other delicacies like salvias.

I was thrilled to see this big fellow. Last year I thought a Giant Swallowtail showed up. It turned out to be a Palimedes, not nearly so big and lacking the yellow tips on the 'tails.' I thought it interesting that the Tiger and the Giants were playing together so well.


  1. oh my goodness you have captured some nice shots of butterflies. i wish i could capture as good as that. probably butterflies in my area are more naughty and restless than yours :P

  2. I agree with Muhammad - either the butterflies here are faster or my camera skills are slower! cheers, catmint.

  3. Nell, your butterfly shots are wonderful!

    How lucky you are to have so many butterflies. We are finishing up the season here and still had a lot less than usual.

    I planted the tithonia hoping to draw more.....just didn't happen.

  4. Wow Nell those are beautiful shots. Thanks for posting them here.


  5. Oh beauteous!!!!!
    I need to get my paints out!!

  6. You are very clever to get such great shots of butterflies. They just won't sit still for me. Isn't tithonia great? I always wish I had more. Only one seeded this year so that's all I have.

  7. Beautifull pictures. I have planted some time ago a Buddliea Davidii hoping that butterflies will like it... but no such luck for me!

  8. Wow, great photos - I've only ever seen butterflies like that in the butterfly house at kew gardens!

  9. Nell, I do believe you would win the prize with that third picture. These pics are wonderful! How do you get so many kinds of butterflies in your yard?

    They are just fantastic!

  10. These butterflies are so beautiful and exactly what I want to see in my garden too. You even know all their names. Wow!

  11. They are so pretty. I would love to see the Spicebush up close. Have never saw one.Makes one wish they had the talent to paint them.

  12. "THANK YOU" so very much for stopping by my blog and your very helpful ideas which I will try some of...I am always, always open to suggestions and I signed up to follow your blog..I hope you will join my blog...I love making new friends especially with a gardener.
    I have never liked winter because everything dies but my Mother told me, nature is just resting....none the less I have to add to my in door plants to keep green plants all around me and to have plants to nuture....I love working in my flower my daddy is a real gardener of vegetables and pumpkins and such.
    I call my dh the seed collector as we save all our old medication bottles and gather seeds....sometimes we forget what the seed is and we grow a surprise.
    Your butterflies are gorgeous.
    better go for now
    looking forward to a new friendship
    angel hugs

  13. Fabulous pictures! They are truley beautiful creatures and I am sure they are welcomed everywhere they go. I wish they would be stopping by my house.


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