Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cypress Vine on the Stick House

Last year there were volunteer Cypress vines on a little wattle trellis I made where I saw plants coming up. After frost, I scattered a few seeds over by the stick house on the sunny east side. They're climbing to the top and you can see a grapevine wreath covered with vine at lower right.

Cypress vine up close.


  1. It took me a minute, but I found the grapevine wreath covered with Cypress vine. I don't know what a wattle trellis is and I'd luv to know more about the stick house.

  2. Oh I love the stick house!! It took me a minute to see the grapevine wreath, too. Neat.

  3. Wattle trellis is uprights in the ground (I use rebar) woven in and out with some limbs from a tree or shrub. to form a structure for vines.

    The stick house is an improvisational construction that the dog and I did in 2004 when we needed busy work. It's made of red cedar limbs set in the ground so that it is sturdy.

    Maybe I'll make a post about the stick house construction.

  4. Very interesting stick house -- I find it so much fun! The cypress vines are a gorgeous color too!
    Please Do a post about the construction -- and be sure to let me know!!! : )


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