Friday, September 25, 2009

Go Texan Wildflower Mix

Janie has shared with us, packets of Texas Wildflower Mix seeds which contain the following:

Texas Bluebonnet,

Black-eyed Susan
Lemon Mint
Plains Coreopsis
Indian Blanket - Gaillardia
Clasping Coneflower - Rudbeckia amplexicaulis
Mexican Hat - Ratibida
Purple Coneflower

Bluebonnets prefer the alkaline soil of Texas, I haven't tried to stretch that here. Most other Texas natives and favorites work well in my climate.

Black-eyed Susan, Indian Blanket, Mexican Hat and Purple Coneflower all performed very well for me in past years. These wildflowers bloom here in May and June. BES and Purple Coneflower will play out in the heat and humidity of late June. I pull and discard BES; Purple Coneflower does best when cut back all the way to the basal leaves. There may be minor rebloom in fall. Mexican Hats (Ratibida) and Gaillardia (Indian blanket) will continue all summer.

Mexican Hats and Salvia farinacea -- I want lots of these next summer. I have a small number of the seeds of the yellow Ratibida and lots of the maroon. All are lovely.

I just learned I'm nominated for Best Georgia Blogger in Blotanical's 2009 Awards. I'm astonished! I just signed up last month because it seemed that everybody else in the garden blogging world belonged and maybe I should, too. I haven't even responded to all the gracious welcomes I received! I'm working on voting, so many of the categories I don't know the contestants and have to go visit all their blogs. I guess that is the point, get to know your fellow bloggers. So far I've voted for 30 of 75 categories, with only 4 days to go, I think.


  1. Congratulations, NellJean, on best Georgia blogger. You are deserving of the recognition. The Mexican Hats are quite unusual. Can't say that I've ever seen them before.

  2. Congrats on your nomination. I just found out that I was nominated as well. Blotanical is lots of fun.
    Your blog is beautiful and I look forward to hanging out here often. Hugs, Cherry

  3. The bluebonnets with the rudbeckia is a nice combination. I am hoping to get some bluebonnets here but there is probably not enough sun.

    Congrats on your nominations. It is a big honor for sure. I've voted in 43 categories so far. Not sure if I'll visit all the blogs but that is a good goal. Good luck!

  4. Nell Jean, Congratulations! You deserve this nomination. I enjoy your blog, especially your sense of humour. That was even before you join Blotanical. Good Luck!

  5. Congratulations on your nomination Nell Jean!

  6. I enjoyed your wildflower post. We are getting ready to sow seeds here in AZ. Congratulations on your nomination.


  7. Wow! Nell, I am always amazed at you and your accomplishments. Your blog is so spectacular, I am not surprised at all that you were nominated. Congratulations!

    Plus, I am always glad to see the seeds growing.

  8. Congrats on the nomination, I recievedone for FLA. so I know how you feel. You deserved it, great blog. Scott


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