Friday, September 18, 2009

I Still Have a Lawn

There has been a centipede grass lawn here for nearly 50 years. Yearly I plant more island beds and borders in the style of those present. We will continue to tend the shrinking centipede lawns and paths as we have done for decades; never fertilizing, never spraying for insects or weeds, reshaping as necesary. Centipede grass goes dormant during droughts and after frost. Some years I overseed in fall with annual ryegrass for winter green color. The ryegrass is not fertilized, so it needs no mowing before hot sun takes it out in March as the centipede sprouts again.

Oval Lawn in the Upper Garden

Close up of a new island bed below, where a live oak stump covered in Confederate jasmine(above background) was removed this year.

Broader view of the stump bed island going in.

Spring view of the tree line separating the Upper Garden and Front Garden with new island bed in foreground.

This post was inspired by the Lawn Reform blog contest on Blue Planet Garden.


  1. The spring view photo has me longing for spring. Wait...we must do fall and winter first.

  2. I love seeing the bigger picture of gardeners' plots and their plans for the future. It is a nice change from seeing just flowers and plants. By the way, I thought your comment on my post, Why Plants Talk?, was so much fun. What a funny anecdote!

  3. Hi Nell,

    Thanks for participating in the lawn reform meme - it's such a treat seeing how gardeners from other parts of the country view their lawn.

    FYI, is centipede the name of the grass? Because I thought at first you were describing the serpentine nature of the shape!

  4. Centipede grass, yes. Here in south Georgia, it's pronounced 'Cent - i - pee' -- I don't know when we dropped the 'd' but centipede describes it very well, little runners crawl right on into garden beds.

  5. You have a very beautiful property. You can tell from your photos that a lot of love and care has gone into its development...centipede grass and all. :)

  6. I like seeing your islands. Since I'm trying to establish a new garden I've been on the hunt down for photos that show garden structure. These are tough to find! I myself usually take closeup macro shots of flowers and rarely ones showing garden layout. I enjoyed seeing yours :)


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