Sunday, September 13, 2009

Looking ahead to Spring Bulbs, Work Starts Now

The big box stores are putting out spring bulbs: Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips; I even saw Ranunculas and Freesia bulbs. It's too early to plant here. The ideal time is 4-6 weeks ahead of the first freeze. I've planted as late as December with good results.

Last Year's Daffodil bulbs during planting.

I bought more of Ice Follies and Tahiti, same as last year. Ice Follies has bloomed here for more than 20 years. Tahiti was new last year. I generally don't plant doubles because their heads are heavy, but these are sturdy and the orange centers was perfect for the front beds, so I bought more.

Mixed daffodils are hard to pass up, too. I sort the bulbs by size and color to try to put like cultivars together so they'll bloom together.

Naturally I bought a box of hyacinths. The choices were Mixed, and American Hyacinths. I tried to imagine where 'American' Hyacinths were coming from and then looked at the picture on the front: Red, White and Blue! I chose Mixed. I also sort hyacinth bulbs. The light colored bulbs will bloom white or yellow. The pinkish bulbs will be shades of pink and the darkest will be shades of blue. They may or may not bloom together. I'll force a few in water and stones to give away around Christmas.


  1. Where did you find the bulbs? I need to go back to town to look again. We always have a less than wunnerful selection of bulbs here. Few people know which ones are good for us. I thank you for your help in educating me. LOL

  2. I love Tahiti. One good thing, when we bought this house the front beds were already filled with daffs. I need to divide them, but doubt I will.
    Abby (my daughter) and I are thinking about planting tulips this year. We have to buy them, cool them then plant around Christmas. She's never had any, so we may do it. They dont come back here, of course.

  3. I just popped over to Brecks. Oh so pretty!! Makes me yearn for next spring.

  4. Think of me when you plant your bulbs. I have some paperwhites, but that is it. Bulbs need cold weather which we do not get much of.

    Planting those bulbs is a lot of work but the results are well worth all the effort.


  5. Isn't it so fun buying those fall bulbs? I have to get some soon because we could easily get a frost in October. Hopefully near the end though.

  6. I didn't know that about the bulb color. Never paid that much attention, I guess! Thanks for the tip!

  7. I need to get busy and plant bulbs!! I love when they emerge in the spring!!

  8. Just to say Hi I popped from Jan's blog, oh so many lovely blogs I will never be bored again on a wet day but sadly we don't have enough of them.


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