Friday, September 4, 2009

Me Me Me

It's been a real chore to decide whom to tag.

Sue of A Corner Garden does not accept Awards and has already declined, but she needs recognition for her marvelous garden that jumped all the way across the street to the neighbor's vacant lot. Go see her blog if you're not already a follower; Sue's a dedicated blogger.

Teri of Teri's Painted Daisies is a blog that I recently found. We think of Painted Daisies as Pyrenthrum; Teri Paints Daisies, and other flowers. Her various days of the week topics will give you new ways of looking at the Garden.

Tom of Seventh Street Cottage keeps his blog as a daily diary of his garden for future personal reference; highly interesting to the rest of us, too. We've followed his rooted cuttings, his seedlings, his bargain plants, and now his injured leg which slowed him down a bit, but he's back out there gathering seeds as I type.

Janie, the Obsessive Compulsive Plant Collector introduced me to Texas wonders like Esperanza, Pride of Barbados, Duranta, Bulbine and countless other goodies that grow here as well as there. Janie is a Texas Master gardener and a very generous soul.

Flower Lady of Flower Lady's Musings grows many of the same flowers that I do, except that hers grow year around outside and I drag mine inside for winter, like Night Blooming Cereus. Hers is the only blog with music that I don't search for the off button when it starts.

I've known Ohio Mom a long time, online. Once Cooking in Cleveland, she is now Capricious in Cleveland, gardening on a rooftop. You cannot imagine how much can be grown on a rooftop until you visit her blog. BTW, O'Mom is the mother of another Garden Blogger.

Missy, the feminine half of Missy and Wayne's Backyard is one of my newer blog friends. We grow many of the same plants and we both like purple plants. Missy plays the jukebox in her head on her blog and when I see the words, I can usually 'hear' it, too.

The hardest part was deciding who was not going to be listed here. I made a list; there are enough for next time, should we decide to play this game again.

Oh, yeah, what you're supposed to do:
Tell us 7 things about yourself that we might not know.
Select 7 people to whom you'll pass this honor and link to them.
Post a comment on their blog to let them know they are chosen.
They in turn tell 7 things about themselve and select 7 blog friends.

Link back to the person (me) who selected you. (I believe that is the purpose of starting a Meme, backlinks.)

Seven Things You Might not Know about Me


  1. Hello Nell my friend, thank you for your kind words. OhioMom is taking time out from blogging, she has discovered facebook and a whole slew of old friends from back before the "technical age". Where once we had party lines we now talk to each other from all over the country with a server and a "mouse" :)

    Sorry for neglecting your wonderful garden, I will catch up soon. Love the new header!

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much for your kind words. I feel in great company here with all these gardeners (which I am going to go visit).

    I was looking around and your flowers are gorgeous! Makes me want to run and get my paints!

    May I ask if you have a problem with me painting some of your flowers?

  3. I just sat here and giggled while watching your video. How funny! I get a little confused about the difference between a tag and a meme. I participate in a few of the memes, like GBBD, Blooming Friday, and the like, but it's the tags and awards I don't do.

    Thanks so much for the nice recognition you gave me. Your well thought out words made me feel so good. You did a nice job on all of those you chose for the tag.

    Just this evening I asked my husband what he thinks of my blog and of the time I spend blogging. He said he likes the blog, and he says my blogging is better than sitting around watching TV. I told him I sometimes watch TV while doing it, and he said that's alright, too. When I brought up how far behind I am in housework and trying to get rid of clutter, I had a realization that I'm probably not any further behind than I was before blogging. He disagreed about that, though. LOL

  4. Now I got a belly laugh from this mememe! A kind of response we can ALL appreciate!! Even the non-blogging hubby once I explained the mememe thingy:)

    Love your purples below. That datura is one I'd definitely not be without.

  5. Ok, I'm agonna give this a try. First thing about me, I am not computer savvy. This will be trial and error. Thanks for thinking of me.
    Love the video. I had forgotten about 'animal' and how funny he is.


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