Friday, September 4, 2009

Purple Crayon

It looks as if I took a walk like Harold in the children's book, taking my purple crayon. I want to repeat all these purples next year.

The Daturas have big knobby purple-tinged seed pods now.

You can just see a bit of Salvia leucantha with buds in this picture of melampodium and purple Datura. Mexican bush sage will soon add a purple haze.

Can you see the tiny lycoris bud nestled in the Persian Shield? Lycoris are starting to open elsewhere in the garden. I like the combination of Persian Shield and Licorice Plant which is new to the garden this year.

Persian Shield goes very well with 'Black Magic' colocasia.

A chance combination, Tithonia with purple althernanthera. The Gulf Frits love the mexican sunflower which is almost the color of the butterflies.


  1. Hi Nell, you funny lady, or is the word, "dotty"? LOL! I'm glad the comment you deleted from my last post still came to my e-mail, because you didn't say it in the second one. I love what you did with your purple crayon. I think my crayon was more of a pink, though.

    I tried to figure out how to put my url in with my photo, but it sounds like that's not where you put it. I'll have to try again, and may need some help from you.

  2. Your purples are great. That persian shield is one of my favorites, too. I've just potted up a bunch of them from cuttings... they root very easily in regular potting soil. But you probably already know that.

  3. Oh, i thought I had to change a setting! Silly me!

  4. That last picture is my favorite. I love the orange butterflies on the mexican sunflower. And I like the combo of purple and orange.

  5. I'm a big fan of purple in my garden too Nell. In fact when I go plant shopping I tend to gravitate towards the purple tones. :) I love the bright orange Tithonia with the burgundy foliage of 'I forgot the name already', lol. Great color combos in your garden!

  6. I love all the purples. I think they look especially good this time of year when we start seeing more yellows and oranges around. I love the picture with the butterflies!

  7. Nell ~ I love purples also. I just love that last picture of yours with the gulf frits. I had Persian shield and lost it. Thank you for sharing your purple crayon colored blooms with us.



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