Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Purple Haze as Fall Arrives

I love the purple haze of autumn flowers. There are reds and golds to come, but the purples arrive first, and the yellows.

Purple Datura and Salvia leucantha.

I'm amused by the golf-ball sized seed pods of Datura.

The next island over has yellow lantana in front, this one has lavender. Salvia coccinea has started to bloom in that bed and alternanthera is taking on fall colors.


  1. Those are some big seed pods on your Datura. Is that normal? Luv the purple.

  2. Oh look at that beautiful purple border!! I am actually drooling.

  3. Wow, your purple salvia is just so big and beautiful. A lovely bed.

  4. Yes, colorful and cheerful! I may have to get some of the purple datura next year, as I kept taking the seedheads off of the one I had 2 years ago. I still have plenty of the white datura, though.


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