Thursday, September 3, 2009

Seven Things -- a MeMe

I was tagged by Cameron of Defining Your Home Garden (can you say Fred-a?) for this Meme.

There were conditions with this Meme award. In order to participate one needs to:

  • Link back to the person who gave you the award.

  • Reveal 7 things about yourself.

  • Post a link to 7 other blogs to nominate.

  • Post a comment on each of your choices that they have been tagged.

  • Let the tagger know when your post goes up.

    Seven Things about Me:

    1) I'd rather talk about my garden than about myself.

    2) I used to go in the pasture in late February when we raised beef cattle and collect fresh cow manure to put around my rose bushes. I miss the manure. It heated up the ground and the roses got a great spring start.

    3) One of those cows knocked me down once and fractured vertebrae in my lower back. Doctor said I'd never be the same. I'm still gardening.

    4) We once rode across Jamaica on the Train. The Diesel is the train that carries tourists across the Island. We inadvertently took The Train, which takes 8 hours and carries the locals and their produce to market. It looked like something from an old Western Movie. We met some interesting people. Boiled river shrimp from a huge basket, scooped into a little brown paper bag, will not make you sick, when you're starving. The local soda pop, called Sparkling, tastes like tutti-fruiti ginger ale.

    5) I have a telephone friend whom I've never seen. She is blind since birth, and sometimes dials the wrong number trying to reach her friend who has the same first name as me. We've talked so many times that now she dials me on purpose. Wait, I have seen her! Her picture was in the local paper on her 90th birthday.

    6) I've worked in a library, and in a hospital. Hospitals have more interesting events. Libraries smell better.

    7) We almost moved to Texas in 1992. Dh was offered a job where he was doing contract work. I visited, interviewed and was offered a hospital position. He changed his mind because they wanted him to spend time working in Italy. DH is not allowed to say to me, 'What if we'd moved to San Antone?'

    My 7 blogs to award the Meme are still not done, because I got interested in where such things originate. I traced this one back:

    Cameron was among 7 who were nominated by Helen Yoest.
    Helen was nominated by Yvonne at Countrygardener, who was nominated by Helen and Sarah at Torontogardens, who were awarded by Charlotte at Thegallopinggardener, awarded by Autumn Belle.

    Autumn Belle got it from Jessica, who got it from Kathy. It came to Kathy from Flandrumhill, who was tagged by Grace at Graceful Yoga; Grace by Grace's mother at Getting back to Basics who was awarded by
    Naturally Jules. Jules received it from both Melita and Michele. I never did figure out where it started.

    The farther from us it backlinked, the farther removed the blogs were from Gardening. Meme rhymes with 'Cream' but it is all about Me, Me, Me.

    1. Oh, Nell! You really make me laugh after what seemed to be a sad day for me. You are so funny. At least you helped to trace the meme backwards to where it came from. I like the part about cow manure. My grandma used cow manure on her bougainvillea plants and they were so pretty when blooming, the plants were used to decorate the stage of a song contest festival. I like tutti-frutti cake and ginger ale drink. Now after reading your post and being reminded of all these lovely things in my life, I will have a good sleep tonight since it is already after 11pm. I wish you a wonderful day ahead too.

    2. I enjoyed this post, even though I don't participate in tags. So, are you glad you took the wrong train? Now a days it may not be as safe as it was when you did it, but it sounds like fun to me.

    3. Nell Jean,
      Even though I'm not very good at Memes I DO always find it interesting to read what others write about themselves. You sparked memories of walking my grandparents cow pastures and collecting the 'dried' patties in burlap sacks to take back to our home. My parents used it to fertilize their shrubs and flowers.

      I'm stilling working on my seven things.

    4. Interesting info on your Nell! I tend to decline just about all meme, but Helen is "neighbor" in Raleigh and I've met her in person, so I played this one!

      Thanks for being a good sprout... sport!



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