Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tropical Tuesday

White Anthurium. Some leaves got sunburned when I moved it into too much sun, so they've been trimmed. The flowers are just a modified leaf.

I bought this ground orchid yesterday. It will have to go in the greenhouse with the other tender plants. I couldn't resist the little blossoms.

Shorter tropicals love heat and humidity on the forest floor beneath taller plants. They'll have to pretend there are trees as they huddle under higher shelves in the greenhouse.


  1. I have a peace plant in the house (Wisconsin) and I am so amazed at how much water it needs!

    Love those pretty little orchids.

  2. A friend gave me a nice ground orchid just like yours. I have not grown it before, but I love the pleated foliage and the little blooms. The blooms last a long, long time!


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