Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where the Wild Flowers Bloom, part 2

Butterflies find these large areas of lantana attractive. Growing with the lantana are New York Ironweed, Solidago and Beautyberry. Earlier in the season, there were passionflowers blooming, handy for the Gulf Frits for depositing eggs.

Beautyberry grows in the midst of the lantana. Both are from the same family of verbenacea.

Viewed up close, clusters of shiny black seeds are visible, which is why I don't transplant these lantanas to the tamer house garden. They grow very well along the south edge of the little woods, with a  mowed path through tall grass where we can get up close to view.


  1. I read both of your wildflower posts before coming to comment. I think the photo of Buffy romping in the flowers is my favorite one. It is so cool that you have this area to enjoy and share with the butterflies and other critters. Lantana is worth growing as an annual here. I love it! I planted 2 very small beauty berry bushes this spring after seeing photos of them on the garden forums and blogs. They have grown nicely, bloomed, and have the lovely berries already. I read somewhere about cutting it back to 12 inches in the spring. I am starting to look forward to spring. I hope when spring gets here, we will have more seasonal weather than we have been lately.

  2. I love all the flowers you have growing....I would love to get Beautyberry massed for fall color, but it is being over run by asters! Isn't it fun to find out plant families? It's so helpful sometimes. Lantana has become a go to plant for continuous color and what a critter attractor. gail

  3. I think it's so nice to devote part of the garden to wildflowers. I scatter California wildflowers in an area of my small garden. Your area looks lush. I bet the various insect visitors really enjoy it.

  4. What a beautiful butterfly patch they make. I have a question. Where are the seeds of the Lantana?


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