Monday, September 21, 2009

Where the Wild Flowers Bloom

Have you seen enough of butterflies? I still have some buckeyes to show, almost caught one on Gerardia this morning when the dog and I went out to photograph wildflowers. Almost. It was hot and humid and I was continually shielding the camera from dog slobber and coaxing the dog back onto the RTV.

Buffy, exploring among Agalinis tenuifolia -- Gerardia, false foxglove.
Agalinis is a host plant for buckeye butterfly caterpillars.

Solidago - goldenrod

Narrowleaf Silkgrass - Pityopsis graminifolia. All through the summer, pityopsis is just a clump of glaucous leaves, silvery on the reverse side. I've seen a big Gopher turtle sometimes eat that grass, with his den nearby the food source.  In the fall, the blooms appear, unlike the usual blooms on a grass.

Elephant's Foot -- Elephantapus -- you can't see the basal leaves in the grass, but there is a rosette of large oval leaves from which long stems of pinkish flowers grow in a kind of tricorn shaped base. When I first discovered these wildflowers here, back before I had a digital camera, I wrote to the U of FL hort department because I couldn't find it in any of my books nor online. They knew from my description what I had found, and once I had a name, I could verify by photos online.

This is my favorite time of year for wildflowers.


  1. Another great post. Love seeing all those wildflowers.

  2. I love the picture of your dog running through the grasses and wildflowers! I have to shield my camera from dog slobber here at my house, too.

  3. A beautiful time of year for you!

    Love the picture of Buffy exploring.

    I was surprised how few wildflowers I saw when I toured the west side of the farm last week.

    I need to do the east side and see if I see anything.

    Maybe the cows are eating them....

    I did see bidens, golden rod, asters and white snakeroot.

  4. Wow, when my eyes landed on the bottom photo of Buffy, I had to do a double take. He does look like Heidi. I think you mentioned that on my blog. They are the same color, anyway. He sure looks happy in the meadow.


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