Friday, October 9, 2009

Pink Roses for Flower Brick Friday.

Rosa 'Gene Boerner' is the best bloomer in the garden today. A floribunda, posthumously named for the breeder, it is one of my favs.

The Flower Brick used today is by Andrea for Sadak. I bought it in a gift shop in Thomasville. It is a blue-green rather than the true blue of most blue and white ware.

Chartreuse alternanthera is the the filler I used. The bits of alternanthera will probably be saved, as they root easily in water and last all winter, to plant out in spring. Chartreuse is the least vigorous of the alternantheras I grow, reaching the size of a dinner plate by frost, while the red grows taller and wider and the purple climbs all over the garden. Each has its place.

Loropetalum with dark purple leaves makes a good companion shrub for this rose. The rose blossoms are not large, but are prolific through all but the coldest months here. 'Gene Boerner' is the largest floribunda that I grow, similar in habit to 'Livin' Easy.'

Thank you to Julie of My English Country Garden for allowing me to tag on to her Flower Brick Friday feature. She discusses Flower Bricks and how to use them to make a beautiful arrangement.


  1. Hello Nell. I love the soft peach color of your roses. I look forward every Friday to seeing your Flower Brick arrangements.

  2. Your arrangement is so beautiful and such a treat each week to see. I love the colors of your flower brick. Different from the traditional blue and white.

  3. I love the 'petalum as a background for the pink roses. Great combination -- and the size! Oh my! What a huge rose bush!

    The arrangement is very sweet. I like the rectangular shape and the low scale -- you could actually see over it to talk to people if used as a centerpiece.


  4. The container for your roses is beautiful. I never think about cutting roses and bringing them inside..silly me. And I love the name of your blog.

  5. Nell Jean, thank you so much for visiting my garden again and letting me know about the RSS issue. I'm still learning about some elemental technical things about blogging.

    I love your pairing of Loropetalum with your wonderful rose. We're been toying with the idea of planting a new bed with Loropetalum and an antique rose. Seeing your perfect example is a great help!

    Best wishes,
    Gulf Coast Greenie

  6. That rose bush is so huge, just wild! Blooms are delicate, I love their shape and color. The brick itself is very nice!

  7. I've never even heard of a flower brick before so this was very interesting to me. The rose bush is out of this world gorgeous.

  8. Wow Nell, the flower brick is lovely and those roses are beautiful. I never heard of 'flower bricks' before until reading your posts.

    I have lost two rose bushes in the last week or two that were growing in pots and I am really depressed over that. All in the life of being a gardener, ups and downs.

    Have a great weekend.


  9. What a beautiful and charming post! I don't own a flower brick..and boy do I want one now! It is so beautiful! Your flowers and arrangements are uplitfing. inspiring and gorgeous ..and your roses in general are stunning! I loved this post! Now I am on the hunt for a flower brick for my home or as a wonderful gift to give! Wow! Lovely!

  10. Dear Nell, I learn so much from your posts! Alternanthera is new to me ... I have never seen it in a northern garden. Your roses are stunning! I am green with envy as I try to create an English style garden in these adverse conditions.

  11. Just lovely. I love roses, and grow several although I don't have that one. Perhaps I should~~Dee

  12. I thought I was finished adding to my flower frog collection, but now I'm thinking I may "need" a few more bricks. I love your brick and arrangement. I enjoyed seeing the plant the roses came from.

  13. These peach roses are truly lovely when arranged in the flower brick container. I see a cute little bird painted on the side. Wow, it is such a big bush with so many roses I see here. I didn't know there's another plant, the loropetalum in the picture until you told me.

  14. I've seen these flower bricks on your posts before, and on Julie's and what a nice idea! I don't have any, and have thought about looking into getting at least one. And they are beautiful...not just functional! The green/blue tone is lovely. The rose bush sounds wonderful...blooms all year except the very coldest months, and the shade is delicate to match the size of the blooms. Sweet, indeed!


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