Friday, October 2, 2009

Warmth, Passion, and Enthusiasm in the Garden

Orange: A color of Fall, of Halloween, and in my garden, one of the Fiesta colors.

Zinnias, with the energy of a fiery blaze.

A bouquet of orange roses may be a sign of romantic feelings and
the desire to move a relationship beyond the stage of friendship.

Tithonia with purple Alternanthera, orange Bulbine, Vetiver grass and a Gulf Fritillary butterfly.

Trying out a new background color, I think the blue compliments these orange flowers.


  1. Hi Nell,
    I like the colors of your blooms and foliage, and your new blog colors. I change mine from time to time, and was thinking about changing my template, but decided to wait until the blotanical voting was over so no one would be confused.

    I am still amazed at the height of my tithonias across the street. Some of them are at least 4 feet taller than I am, which is 5 foot 7 inches. I'm glad I learned about them from you.

  2. Nell,
    I like the blue too. I am fickle when it comes to color, I am constantly changing my blog and even rooms in my house on occasion get the switcheroo.
    very pretty pictures, I haven't tried tithonia in CO. I will add to my seed list.

  3. I didn't get many orange zinnias this year. I had mostly pink. I've got to get me some tithonia. I have some hellianthus, but I really like the orange. That alternanthera looks great too. ;)

    I'll be digging one up and repotting it for the house tomorrow. I want to make sure I can carry that one on to next year now that I know what it can do.

    I like the blue.

  4. Your garden is so bright with lovely warm colours & the sunshine just makes a nice happy feeling.
    Do remember to collect and keep the seeds for the next season.

  5. Zinnias are such nice flowers for the garden and are so easy to grow that it would be a shame not to! I like the orange ones you have, ours are mostly mixed. The blue background looks good.

  6. That left zinnia has such disheveled petals!

  7. I love my zinnias and cosmos...although I haven't had any orange this year. To be honest, I'm still not able to come out of my 'summer flowers' mindset. Fall reminds me of endings and I'm not ready yet. I just want to hang on as long as I can, until the leaves are off the trees, before I face reality;-)

  8. I love your Autumn colours, we are in Spring and it's all pinks and purples here.

  9. The flowers really do look pretty against the blue background. Those oranges do show passion and warmth.

  10. Lovely flowers, and the orange butterfly fits right in. I love the life that orange brings to the garden. Funny, I never had any liking for orange until a few years ago, but since then I've found it very enjoyable and full of energy.

  11. I have been thinking I need to change my blog, too. I love the blue. It is perfect.


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