Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bloom Day Preview

So many little blossoms here and there. I wanted to show you the scattered blooms that will not be the main Bloom Day focus. Here's a collage of individual blossoms from this morning.

Clockwise from upper left: Esperanza with the foliage of Pride of Barbados, Physotegia, Echinacea, Gerbera Daisy, Red Cascade Rose, Pink Knockout Rose, Red climber, Mandevilla.  In the center, climbing Peace.

Still blooming are Melampodium paludosum and Madagascar periwinkle. You'll see them tomorrow en masse with Salvia leucantha and purple heart.

and a single hibiscus:

A cluster of scuppernong grapes hangs on, unripe, on the grape arbor

Behind the grapes, the stick house has no more cypress vine. I pulled the roots out of the ground. The wind in the last storm blew the dead vines away.

Looking forward to everybody's Bloom Day photos tomorrow on the Fifteenth, sponsored by Carol of
May Dreams Gardens


  1. According to Hammer, a foaming, porter-like brew, much like beer, is made from at least one species in the Bahamas. This brew is used as a drink for fever, for "the cooling of the blood," as a wash for skin irritations, to relieve constipation and for worms in children.

  2. Hello Nell Jean,

    I look forward to seeing your post tomorrow tomorrow - especially the Melampodium, one of my favorites.

  3. Ah the wonders of gardening in the south -- so many blooms in mid-November. The temperature here dropped down into the teens a few days ago and killed off any remaining blooms. -Jean

  4. All so pretty! I wish our weather would stay mild a bit longer. I will have to live through all of you on Garden Blogger's Blooms day to get my flower fix.

  5. Nice collage of blooms Nell. I love the hardiness of Madagascar periwinkle. Have white and purple. Love that porterweed also. You have some lovely roses too.



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