Friday, November 20, 2009

Buffy Plants Violas

Violas and other winter annuals for the garden started going in today. With help of my able assistant, Buffy, we planted 2 flats of orange violas and 8 variegated purple and orange plants. The grower failed to deliver two flats of yellow for other areas; they'll be ready in two weeks.

While I was clearing the bed and raking it smooth, Buffy dug a 3 foot trench a foot deep. I put her in the pen. DH came along and let her out. She promised to be good. As I was planting the last viola, she stretched out on three of them. When I yelled at her, she got up and moved to the other end to lie on three more. When I brought the watering can, she drank from the watering can, letting water dribble on each plant so as not to wash away the soil. All that soft compost in the wheel barrow was just too tempting, she jumped in and stretched out. Suddenly she thought to help me with unloading by starting to scratch and fling soil everywhere. She also helped with scattering pine straw over every plant.

We have seeds to scatter yet: poppies and larkspur and such. Buffy helped to sift compost this morning by jumping up on the piece of hardware cloth I had over the wheelbarrow and sitting there. In Buffy's doggie mind, she is great help and I cannot work without her.


  1. Nell Jean,
    Sounds like you've got your helper pretty well-trained.

    Violas have hit the nursery garden shelves in abundance around hereto brighten anyone's taste for color! I planted some in the veggie garden.

  2. Buffy sounds about right for her age. You are going to have to train DH better. If he won't quit letting her out, you are doomed. I know, I live with a helper dog, too. Mine is much older than Buffy, but once a helper dog, always a helper dog.

  3. Nell, if Buffy has some Golden Retriever in her genetics, she may never quit the digging..........mine hasn't.

    I have holes all over the yard, under bushes, in the middle of the grass , middle of flower beds, at the base of trees....and the list goes on.

  4. Buffy is a great helper at heart. She's doing what dogs are so great at doing and that is 'helping', no matter what the project.

    Love your violas.


  5. It is always nice to have company in the garden, especially someone so "helpful".

  6. I really want to get a dog. I'd like to find a German Shepherd. But posts like this make me rethink the idea. I'll have to wait til the cat passes on to the laundry basket in the sky. She's not keen on having another body in the bed at night. At 13 years old, she's not planning on leaving any time soon either.

    Buffy's grown a LOT over the past year.

  7. Neil Jean,

    That Buffy sounds like she can get into some real trouble by "helping". Last week we were pulling acorns our of the salad greens and Dot the wonder dog laid down in the patch behind us.

  8. It is plan that Buffy is a spoiled child wanting all of the attention. ;-) When I was a girl I had a little blond spaniel that I called Buffy. It use to wait on the bus for me every afternoon. It was always nice to see it waiting to greet me each day.
    Your violas are so pretty and you sure have a bunch of them. What a pretty display they make.

  9. Nell,
    I love that you can plant such beautiful flowers right now and thank goodness you have such a good helper!

    I changed my tag header- thanks so much for coming by and giving me such good inspiration!

    and Nell I also have been getting these great people selling their wares.

  10. Hi, Nell Jean, Perhaps you can say: With friends like Buffy, who needs anemones? Maybe one day you can get her helping in the right direction when you need to unload that wheelbarrow. We're all envious of your flowers up here in Toronto.

  11. Nell Jean,
    I wish my dog would dig my holes for me... but always in the right spot, and never too deep. But, she is good at many other things, like chasing sticks, and checking tomatoes for ripeness, and taste-testing carrots. Looks like a day well spent for you and Buffy. I love your orange violas!!

  12. What a helper! I wish my german shepherd was so interested in gardening! Well, I guess I can call him a pest control dog since he likes to chase flies.

  13. Buffy will grow up, maybe, one day. Meantime, I'll garden around her. Thanks for coming by, all of you.

  14. I'm typing through laughter. Larry has let Heidi out before after I've put her inside for something like trying to chase a dog that's being walked on a leash.

    If Heidi helped me, that's how it would be. As it is, she's more interested in going to parts of the yard where I can't see her, and make me call her over and over to stay with me.

  15. Violas are wonderful. I love them. Buffy sound like she know just how to help!! Cute dog.


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