Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scrap, Honestly: Me Again, Marge

1. I made this dotty avatar at a popular site. I think this one violates copyright, but you can't really see what the letters behind me spell, can you? My favorite drink is Coca Cola; I've mostly given it up now.

Don't you think the avatar does look something like me, except my chin isn't that pointy? Buffy is our blonde dog.

2. I always aspired to be a cowboy. I even made a blog about cowboys.
Could Have Been a Cowboy
One year for Christmas I asked the children for Cowgirl boots, hoping for faux handtooled red leather. What I got was Duck Boots from the Monkeyman and Wellies from Daddy Jr. The Duck Boots are long since worn out and you know how long Wellies go on.
You might want to skip the posts titled 'Toe Jam' as they are exchanges between JEB and me concerning a minor accident which he survived. JEB and I were little cowboys together, so long ago.

3. I played in the HS Band, half a century ago. I think I'm the child behind the drum majorette's shako. Maybe.

4. I play the piano, mostly for my own amusement. During Church, the congregation sings to the melody played by my right hand, while my left hand does pretty much what it wishes, happily keeping time or running up and down the keyboard, a joyful noise.

5. I gardened as a teenager. I remember bringing home strawberry runners that someone gave me, and mums from my friend Phyllis's mother who had beautiful chrysanthemums and shared. That was before chrysanthemums got a name change. My mother was an organic gardener before that was fashionable, lavishly using what she called 'compost from the barn.'

6. I loved comics as a kid. I knew I wouldn't grow up to be Wonder Woman, but hoped I might be Mopsy. Turned out I was more nearly Mary Worth. If you know Mopsy and Mary Worth, you have been reading comics for a long, long time.
I bought a bikini once. The dog snickered when I modeled it. I gave it to my neighbor who sunbathed.

7. I've been blogging since 2007. Before that I had a web site hosted by our server. When we left dial-up for satellite, Bell South was kind enough to leave up my site. I can't access it any more to make changes, but it is still there.
If you look at every page, you'll be there a while. Do see the Monkeyman's page. If you're a crafter, look at Tables of Love.

8. I love puns. My favorite pun is "Rudolph the Red Knows Rain, Dear," but I haven't a picture of that. This is my second fav, just in time for Thanksgiving.

9. Someone who had been on a cruise said the crew folded the towels into animal shapes. I found a site that showed how and turned my bathroom into a cruise ship head with a towel monkey. His head is white washcloths, his mouth a red washcloth and his eyes, stickynote paper.

10. My Cowboy, shown here in his native habitat. He apologized for forgetting our 46th anniversary, saying he'd never, ever done that before. "It's okay, I said, "Last year we both forgot." The next year we both remembered and now we're counting down to a significant year. It seems like yesterday.

I was tagged by James Missier who in turn was tagged by another Blotanist to take part in the Honest SCrap Meme. Be sure to go visit James, who is one of our International bloggers and grows many of the same tropicals that I do.
The Scrap Stops Here.

Oh. Wait. Someone suggested that Memes are a way to introduce new people. We all know the same people. I know! Let's go to page 10 of "Blogs Sourcing the Most Visits" under the Popular Button on Blotanical and visit 10 strangers. If you know more than half on page ten, then continue on to page 11 until you've visited 10 Blogs you didn't know. Just clicking on those blogs gives them one more visit, a nice boost up the ladder. Leaving a comment would give them a nice feeling, too, if you like their blog. But don't tag them for a Scrap, you don't know them.


  1. I like this scrap. Funny. Good suggestions at the end.

  2. Thanks to this scrap award, I get to know more about you. I really do think that the avatar looks like you. Your last picture reminds me of my fave comics, Blondie. It reminded me of pretty & attractive homemaker Blondie and Dagwood who like to fix things in his garage or basement and their neighbour Herb. I always think of Dagwood Bumstead's multi-storey sandwiches when I'm making some sandwiches. So far, my success is only up to the 4th level.

  3. Lovely post. I've always wanted to be a cowgirl too, AND I play the piano. Perhaps we were separated at birth?

  4. Hi Nell Jean,
    Thanks for the visit today. I remember those comics.Thanks for the memories.

  5. Good Meme, Nell. I wonder what I did with my avatar(s). Mine don't look like me, but I think yours does.

    I didn't know you made those monkeys! How fun!

  6. Hi Nell Jean! I am missing a lot of posts these days, but I'm glad I read this one! I always say that there is a story behind each person. Your story is very interesting! Thank you!

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog today; otherwise, I would have missed reading this very entertaining post! Love the pumpkin "pi":) My friend, the retired math teacher, would get an even bigger kick out of that--she used to hold "pi parties" in her trig class at the end of each quarter. I know I've seen your name in the comments section of other bloggers' post--nice to finally meet you!

  8. Nell, you are funny! I enjoyed reading your post.

  9. I've made Dagwood sandwiches, too, Autumn Belle, but they're hard to eat with more than 3 layers.

    Victoria, were you the baby I forgot and left somewhere? I wondered where I put her.

    Tatyana, we've barely scratched the surface.

    Rose, I'm glad you found me. I hope you can share the Pumpkin Pi with your friend. I once made a 'mole' hand puppet for a Chemistry professor -- those who haven't taken chemistry, that pun may be lost on -- but he was delighted to be able to open his briefcase and produce a plush mole when he got to the lecture where he introduced 'moles' which was hard enough to understand without being confused by a puppet.

    I knew you would like me just as I am, Sue.

    Thanks, y'all. I must tell you, when you're retired, every day's a Holiday, every meal's a picnic -- in the Garden!

  10. What a fun post. I really miss Coca Cola in a glass bottle. You're a very interesting person. Forty-six years married, congratulation. Forty-two years here.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to share about yourself. I enjoy getting to know the person behind the blog.

  12. These really are a fun way to get to know the blogger behind the blog. I love the towel monkey. I hope you get your Cowgirl boots, maybe this Christmas!

  13. Hi, Nell Jean - I am totally addicted to Coca Cola and I try to stop and go right back to it again. I like your avatar with the polka dots! You are funny :)

  14. Your avatar is cute! Good for you for quitting that poison drink.:)
    I loved your list.( I am a HUGE fan of puns too!) You are a seasoned blogger. WE can all learn a lot from you. Good post!

  15. Very funny Meme, like those monkey towels and your avatar too.

    The best was your Mr.Cowboy shown in his native habitat. Thats very funny.. (never heard it that way)

    Thanks for sharing.


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