Friday, December 18, 2009

...and a Mockingbird in a Pear Tree

On the first day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me,

A mockingbird in a Pear Tree.

Two Hostas sleeping

Three Persian Shield

Four hardy bulbine

Five wild doves

Six butterflies puddling

Seven native grasses

Eight Agapanthus

Nine Lily Bulbs

Ten black violas

Eleven dormant daylilies

A dozen boxwoods pruning

and a Mockingbird in. a. Pear Tree.


  1. Another new thing I've learned by visiting here.........butterflies puddling.

    Very creative post.


  2. Too kill a mockingbird is one of my all time favourite books I LOVE it. But until today I didn't know what one looked like! A very lovely, cheery christmas post xx

  3. Very creative.
    I love those lilies in your header.
    They are gorgeous.

  4. The lilies in my header are Amaryllis 'Exotica.'

    Butterflies puddle for minerals that they need. Sometimes what they puddle on is icky, this was just wet ground.

    Carrie, if I dedicated my posts the way Autumn Belle does, this one would be for you. Henceforth, your nickname shall be Scout.

  5. Very inventive. What are butterflies doing when they puddle?

    I just finished putting up a post about my South Florida Mockingbird.
    Your Georgia Mockingbird looks better fed than mine.Guess mine lost weight flying all the way down here. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Hi Nell Jean,

    You are so creative with your posts! I love this one!

  8. I had fun with this post. I have never seen a pear tree and I didn't know that mokingbirds are real. Before seeing this bird, I always thought of mokingbird as the title of a book. Ah yes, now I shall bring out my Christmas karaoke and have some fun sing-a-longs.

  9. This is a perfect festive post to help me get into the spirit. Happiest of holidays to you! gail

  10. A wonderful post. I have enjoyed visiting these last few months. Merry Christmas.


  11. Like the post, Nell! Had me smiling all the way through and in high spirits now! Thanks!
    Have a great Christmas season!

  12. How creative to do this post. I think of my 2 Grandson's concert the other night. The music teacher always keeps the performance so entertaining and cute. They sang The 12 Days Of Christmas and as each group would sing one they would stand up then sit down and the next group would stand. They were up and down all through the song - it was so cute!
    I haven't envisioned your flowers jumping up and down yet but the post sure was adorable with great pictures!


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