Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cactus

Opening right on schedule:

This is not the Christmas cactus like the one my mother used to put by my bed in winter so it didn't freeze, as if I could breathe on it to keep it alive. That one had magenta blossoms and smoother leaf segments.  I'm happy to have Christmas begonias, too.

The dog and I planted daffodils yesterday: 100 mixed daffodils along where I planted a white crape myrtle that will be leafless when the daffodils bloom.

25 Tahiti daffodils went in where the big stump fell down last summer. A nearby bed already has these double beauties. By the time we got to the 25 Ice Follies, I dug two big holes and one smaller. Ten, 10, 5 bulbs went in the shallow holes. As I was covering them with compost to give the proper depth and a little height to the bed, Buffy sat on one group of ten waiting to be covered.

Ice Follies from a Previous Year

It seemed like a lot of bulbs when I was digging. In the spring I'll wish it had been 1500.


  1. Your Amaryllis and Christmas Cactus are lovely Nell Jean! Gorgeous colors. Your are so lucky ... to be planting bulbs now... how lucky too to have such a great helper and companion while planting. In no time you will have over one thousand daffs if you keep adding each year. Lovely post. Happy Holidays! Carol

  2. At work we now call them Holiday Cactus, but I am not sure we do it to be politically correct, maybe so they don't get confused with the early blooming Thanksgiving cactus or the later blooming Eastern Orthodox Christmas cactus.

  3. Neil Jean,
    That cactus is really in full bloom ours are done already! Our Dot sat on the greens in the garden while we picked up acorns a lot of help she is.

  4. Just reading about your bulb planting makes me excited for spring. Daffodils are my favorites because the squirrels never bother them.


  5. Love the poll!

    You've done well having beautiful blooms for Christmas. So lovely.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

  6. Wow, what beauties!!! You culd have played Cactus Monday with us and those beauties.

    Marry Christmas.

  7. Hello Nell Jean,

    That is going to look lovely next spring. Amaryllis, now why did I forget about those? Too late now I suppose. Somebody somewhere mentioned that they need/like sheep manure, which we have plenty of. Yours look very healthy.
    Kris Kringle proposed, did he? :-)

  8. Nell Jean, I'm sorry that I don't seem to have answered your comment on my amaryllis post; I approved your comment when I was on the road, and then never followed up. I am a bad blogger. Please feel free to include my post if you wish in your amaryllis roundup.
    One of my Christmas cactus bloomed a few weeks ago but the other two are considering doing it later this week. They're welcome anytime.
    Happy Christmas, if I don't get back here before that time.

  9. Your Christmas flowers are very pretty. I wasn't able to get my Christmas cactus to bloom, but the first amaryllis bloom is opening today. :)

  10. I just wanted to say that I love these polls and seeing what others voted... I see that nobody used a professional help in garden design - well - what would be the fun if someone else does it for you?

    I like these cactus flowers very much.

    Happy Holidays!

  11. I can't wait to see your Daffodils this spring! I enjoyed the bright colors of your Christmas Cactus!

  12. I have struggled to take photos of my christmas cactus the colour just seems to bleed out

  13. I have a Christmas cactus that looks the same color as yours. It started blooming last week. Yours are beautiful!

  14. Beautiful Christmas cactus Nell Jean. I like daffodils...and the deer and voles and squirrels don't! There are so many varieties of daffies these days...just great!

  15. Your daffodils will be quite a sight come spring. And you know how I feel about Amaryllis 'Exotica.' She sure is beautiful. I must agree with Carol, how lucky you are to be planting bulbs now!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

  16. I always regret not planting more bulbs - but digging those holes can be tough especially when you start digging and realise there are already bulbs there. Your bulbs will look great in the springtime and your christmas cacti or as we call them Schumbergia is bloomin its wee socks off there. Some folk have difficulty getting them to flower just for Christmas - they either flower too early or just after Christmas so you've been keeping that one happy! Happy Christmas

  17. Everything looks wonderful.

    Have a very Merry Christmas.



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