Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Garden Color Trends for 2010

Pantone Color Institute predicts that “Aurora,” “Tomato Puree,” and “Eucalyptus” will be the hot colors for spring/summer 2010, according to an article on CNNMoney.com.
Aurora is a yellow tinted with green that gives off a burst of energy.
Tomato Puree is a red that can be paired with Turquoise, another Pantone hot hue, for a retro look.
Eucalyptus is a cool and classic hue.

Other colors included:
Coral -- If you were a child of the 1960's, remember turquoise and coral together?
Amparo Blue - a brighter blue references the ocean & tropical beaches
Romantic Violet,  reminiscent of Spring blooming
Dried Herb green

Fresh Herb, Spanish Lavender

Color of the Year for 2009 was Mimosa, a pretty yellow. My money is on Tomato Puree for 2010.

Pineapple Sage, as close to Tomato Puree color as I have. It's great planted with Knockout Roses.

I'm hopeful that blue pots stay in vogue, as that is what I have.

Flowers pretty much plan their own color schemes.

Brown conjures up thoughts of wood and dirt, not bad for a gardener, but how much more romantic to call it Chocolat.

Have you noticed the last three years all the green tones to tie into the global warming and recycling themes? It's on its way out because it's become too corporate and no longer associated with the free-wheeling environmentalists. They are looking for a new color to represent Green causes. It won't be gone overnight but watch the next few years for a new color pallet or warming of greens. I've also heard and seen that gold is coming back as a pun against the fall of the most important green, the dollar! --Michael Margolies

One of Behr Paint's color lines is called Dark Glamour – Art Deco influence in black accents, peacock blue, ruby red and creamy cashmere white.
Red, White and Blue with Black Accents.

I thought the lacquer black of Datura stems was glamour enough in my garden last summer.

Home Interiors Color Trends 2010 included a palette that sounds tasty good for the cottage garden:
Pastiche - Upbeat, Unexpected, Tongue & Cheek Playfulness - a potpourris of blues, mimosa yellow, strawberry ice

I always like to look closely at the colors used in Chelsea gardens to see what is popular at the beginning of the year. I daresay that your favorite plants and flowers will not be out of style in 2010. I will continue to plant what thrives here, in colors that look good in brightest sunlight, with hydrangeas in the shade.


  1. Jim, you can only be a victim if you allow yourself to be.

    Personally, I've already decided to add more reds to my garden next year. I've got oodles of red salvia seeds. I was thinking more of the hummingbirds and goldfinches than some guy on CNN. I'm afraid that my color choice for the shutters and doors is not going to be acceptable for next year. Too bad. I don't care for ladders enough to repaint.

    Nell, I love that purple datura. I've got seeds on their way to me from a trade. I can't wait to add them to the white ones I already have.

    Blue pots can never go out of style. To me, they add such a pop of cool color to your hot, humid summers.

  2. Love your blue pot and with your black kitty. Your Datura is gorgeous!

  3. I will never be in style for colors.I need blue around so it will stay. I like reds in the garden though so that will fit. I am trying to add more of the yellows and a few oranges though I am not fond of orange at all.I think it is a 70's olive green and orange combo that traumatized me years ago ;-)

  4. I just love discussions on color! And when it comes down to plants in our gardens, the unique microclimates must guide our choices, as you sagely point out.
    Deep saturated colors look best beneath the crystalline blue skies here, too.

  5. I like that tomato puree, too. I want to add pineapple sage to the backyard....just need a spot. I like red, white and blue...sounds very patriotic. I just don't like them together for the garden :) Enjoyed your post.

  6. So fascinating to see what color trends are coming up. I love reds, blues and purples in my garden (cool tones). I wonder what the new name for the "Green Movement" will be?

  7. Thanks for coming by, everybody. It's always fun to talk about color. I'm not a slave to fashion, but I might add a different cultivar or color of a favorite flower -- this year it was more orange and yellow zinnias instead of former years' pinks. I watch everybody's blogs for new combos, found a stunning one last night on a non-blotanical garden blog that I follow.

    I'm still happy with Valerie Easton's palette of palest yellow, darkest purple, chartreuse and all shades of orange. The upper garden gets all the magentas. Lona, keep in mind that apricot is also a shade of orange; it doesn't have to shriek, though I love Tithonia.

  8. I love the Behr paint line. I have an addiction of buying paint. And that is why my kitchen has been painted 6 times.
    But that is beside the point. You are talking about garden colors and I am a fashion victim. I freely admit to that. I have nothing to hide. Can't a girl have any fun? I have a lot of blue pots too and I think ANY color of flower will look fab in them.

  9. Neither blue pots or black cats go out of style! Both very nice. Love that Spanish Lavender! Where did you find it?

  10. Spanish lavender. It either came from Ramona's little nursery up the River Road, or from Lowe's. I think Ramona.

    It had a little tag that said 'Spanish lavender' that's how I knew. I've never been able to grow much lavender. It tends to melt here.

  11. Hi Nell~~ I'm going to ignore the quote about green being on the way out. How dare they? I love green and as far as I'm concerned it will always be "in." Besides I never abide by trends. Nobody's going to do my thinking for me, by golly. LOL I love the blue pot and kitty. Nice Datura too.

  12. I love to read about the color trends for home decor and fashion, but I've never heard of color trends for the garden.... interesting. In my book a garden should no rules.

  13. Well, green is a classic that can't go out of style, so is blue and pink and orange and yellow and red and purple and ... I never thought about fashion trends in the garden. It's hard enough to keep my clothes up to date!

  14. Include me in as well. I love this colors game too much. Sometimes i like same splash of color all round sometimes various combinations. lovely post though. Blooms of datura reminded me of my plant which is yet to bloom.

  15. I like those pansies - they look like wearing uniform. And those datura is very beautiful too. Wonder if those got fragrance.

  16. Put me on the same side of the fence as Grace! If they say a color is out of style, I will use it just for spite. But in the garden, all colors are welcome, just like the way nature paints with them. My neighbor Mae taught me that, she was very wise.

    BTW, did you get my email?


  17. Colours certainly brightens up my life and my garden. To me green will always represent the environment. I am surprised to see colours in you garden. I expected only white for winter.

  18. Love the Datura!! OMG! I have to have that!

    As far as fashion, I'm too self-centered to care :)

  19. Since "Green" is my last name (it really is, and always has been) it will never go out of style for me! The greens of the pine forests, meadows, and deep woods will still represent the environment to all of us who truly care for it.



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