Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lavender's Blue

Lavender's Blue and so are some other plants with glaucous foliage in the garden at this time.

This was labeled 'Spanish lavender.' Situating it on a little slope beside a stone seemed to make it happy.

I was never able to grow lavender through our hot and humid summer until I planted it in sandy soil between two stones. I forgot the name of this one.

Rose Campion spreads itself around the garden:

Bath's Pink Dianthus foliage in the foreground, California poppy foliage, also blue, in the center and foxtail fern, looking chartreuse in the sunlight. California poppy seeds around easily. Dianthus roots easily from small bits, to spread around the garden like marmalade to hang over stone walls.

... and a glimpse of the robins in the oak tree. They sit in the oak, then fly over to the red cedar next to it to eat juniper berries, which are also blue.

Can you see them? There's one very visible in the upper left; the others are in the branches feasting.

They are out there every morning, lined up for the bird bath, then flying straight from tree to tree.


  1. So lovely to see dry ground with crunchy leaves and sunshine. It's miserable here, alternating between rain and snow. Bbrrrr. Glad you finally found somewhere that Lavender will grow for you, such a delightful plant and the bees love it!
    Merry Christmas to you xxx

  2. Hi Nell~~ I have a fondness for mossy rocks. I love yours and the Lavender too. Merry Christmas

  3. I love your lavender and the beautiful Oak. Merry Christmas Nell Jean!

  4. Merry Christmas to you Nell Jean! Love the lavender and all the birds!

  5. Hi Nell,

    Thanks for the tour of your gardens on this day before Christmas Eve. It was wonderful to see the lavender, it is one of my very favorite plants. Merry Christmas to you! Kathy

  6. Wow! You can really see the robin in the last photo with his rosy breast. I love blue-gray foliage, especially in lavenders. Nell, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I appreciate all of your picks, faves and comments.

  7. Neil Jean,
    Thanks for sharing your secret to growing lavender. I've always killed it by the end of summer.

    Have a happy and wonderful Christmas and an excellent New Year.

  8. I love when the robins gather! Isn't lavender wonderful...It grows best for me in pots...too much clay, but it makes me smile to touch the foliage and smell that delicious fragrance. Merry Christmas. gail

  9. I am going to try one more time to grow lavender. Thanks!


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