Friday, December 11, 2009

Second Looks at Holiday Amaryllis

Please take a Second Look at mine and at Others. My 'Exotica' amaryllis has opened two blossoms each stem, with more to come. They look so sophisticated, I wish I had an important Christmas party at which they could star.

Red Amaryllis used to be the standard for Christmas bloom. Other colors are popular now, and the familiar bell shaped blooms are now in other interesting configurations. The difference in price of standard bulbs determines the number of blooms per stalk and stalks per bulb. An inexpensive bulb in the $4-6 range may have only one stem with two blooms. More expensive bulbs should have two stalks each  with as 4 blooms per stalk, and sometimes a tertiary bloom stalk blooming later.

Others on Blotanical who have blogged their amaryllis:

Kasey's Korner, Apple Blossom and she's waiting for Elvas.

Simon Eade shows how to grow Amaryllis from Seed
You'll want to grow seed from garden-grown Amaryllis if you want your potted Amaryllis to bloom again. Those in pots need to direct their energy to making the next blossoms, clip off spent blooms.

Jodi of Bloomingwriter shows
Amaryllis pots and More Amaryllis

Pam of Digging shows Amaryllis in Tin pails mulched with silver balls.

David of Snappy Gardens Blog shows an Amaryllis from the Autumn Flower Show, UK not identified, but thin petals like a cybister amaryllis.

Singapore plants Pink Amaryllis

Kathryn of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy shows us how to plant and bring Red Lion to bloom.

This is not a comprehensive list, just some of the recent posts I found.

See the earlier post showing the growth of these bulbs here:


  1. These are beautiful! Right now I would be happy for any color of bloom. One amaryllis is shooting up green stalks, but it never bloomed last year. I'm hoping the second year is the charm. And a new bulb just planted isn't showing any new growth at all. I'll have to check out some of these sites for growing tips.

  2. Thank you, Rose. I failed to link to my own previous Amaryllis posts. The last one, where I show the growth of Exotica is here:


  3. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. omg, Exotica is GORGEOUS! I'm so glad you showed her ~ now I can't wait for mine to open. Your greenhouse looks great too Nell Jean. I also had to look up amaryllis 'Pink Diamond' after you left your comment. Another one I'd like to collect. :-) I think it's an addiction. Thanks for the link too!

  5. Fabulous! I love the color!!!
    --I've yet to read up on Blotanical -- hope to see all that's to do there this weekend!

  6. Hello, I followed the link from the comment you left on my blog, and I am so glad I did as those Amaryllis are fantastic. I have never grown them before but now I want to have a go myself. I will be back to have a look at your backdated posts as I am sure there will be some beautiful plants.
    Have a Good week-end

  7. Those blooms are gorgeous, and I love the color!

  8. These are so beautiful! I love that colour! Our ones bloom in April/May. It's wonderful to see plants that I grow bloom in a different season and so far way from where I live!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your photos are amazing!!

  9. It would be boring to have only red. I love them all! Thanks for all the links! I love the new lighter color of your blog, it's more cheerful! Your Amaryllis is very elegant!

  10. Those are absolutely beautiful. I have never seen such a orange colored one before.

    Having something so beautiful blooming in the dark winter months makes our gardeners hearts shine.

    I especially love them to bloom in February, since that seems to be the darkest.


  11. Thank you all for the kind comments. I hope everybody who hasn't tried amaryllis will look forward to growing one next year in time for Christmas, or pick up one soon to bloom by Valentine's Day.

    Kanak, in warmer parts of the USA, Amaryllis bloom in May, outside. I have some in the ground.

  12. Good grief! How could I have forgotten to grow an Amaryllis this year? Your pictures are beauties, I am kicking myself for not picking one or three up... thanks for sharing the photos.

    Christine in Alaska

  13. Delicious! When the garden is still sleeping under the snow, amaryllis comes into its own. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. Pamela

  14. Really, really beautiful. I've never seen that variety. I have six amaryllis in pots, but am nowhere near bloom yet. Mine will probably do their thing in January. Thanks for the links to other posts and for visiting my blog.~~Dee

  15. Nell Jean, my Exotic Star was potted on November 27th. Two blooms opened on Friday. I'm still amazed at how fast it grew!


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