Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There's a new poll on my blog, first on the sidebar --you can't miss it.
This one is about Blotanical. Choose as many statements as apply to you.


  1. This post to check out the poll doesn't have a title, so it can't be picked. It is just intended as a notice about the poll to direct you here from Blotanical.

  2. Hi Nell~~ Good questions. Some of them had a caveat. For instance I don't aspire to a higher status because I'm at Guru. But before this, I did. Truthfully, it all seems a bit silly now. I do like having Blot's data base of blogs, although a bunch of them are on the "unreliable feed" list which negates the entire purpose of Blotanical. Now I'm using my Blogger's contacts for these.

    I used to read Stuart but his blog would snag every time I tried to leave a comment. I always have to leave a comment, as I'm sure you're well aware by now. LOL

  3. Hi, Grace. The question about aspiring to a higher status was meant for newer members, some of whom never aspire to take part at all. I read a blog tonight where the person has never had a message, nor sent a message, picked 3 posts and has no Faves, member since 2008.

    My polls are not exactly scientific, I just get curious about the habits of others.

    Somebody on the last post commented that she just reads posts in the RSS feed if they have all those extra widgets and ads and so on. Great idea. I put non-Blotanical blogs in my feed, and a very limited few that I'm afraid I'll miss their posts up front.

  4. Interesting poll, Nell Jean. I joined Blotanical shortly after I started blogging, but I have to be honest--I rarely visit it anymore. I wanted to "pick" posts, but never figured out how to do it and at one point was having so many technical problems when I got on the site, I gave up. Now I just use my blogroll to see when people have put up a new post. I find new blogs through comments left on mine or on others'. I could use a tutorial on how to use Blotanical effectively and some reasons why I should use it.

    And I almost always leave a comment after reading someone's post!

    Thanks for the tips yesterday on "not complaining or explaining"--I'm a guilty party there:)

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  5. I'm back on Botanical after a six-month absence (not explaining, nor complaining!), and am relieved to find that apparently someone has noticed the difficulty of navigating the site! I thought I was super-stupid.

    I don't really aspire to any status at all, but like to use the site to find interesting blogs which I then "follow" and read new postings from them. Otherwise, it all seems a bit junior-high most popular girl stuff. But ... it's almost the only way to find interesting garden writing, so I continue to use it sporadically.

    An I am very glad I landed here, because I do like your blog, Nell Jean, and I will be back.

    Meanwhile, a happy and prosperous New Year to you all.

  6. There was a time a while back when I used the picks as a feed reader to read all those blogs. Since then I've imported the blogs I read into the blogger dashboard. Sometimes I get over to Blotanical to read and I pick the things I read and like. As for status on there I'm really indifferent!

  7. I run over to Blotanical when I have extra time and also look for new members that may interest me.

    To tell the truth I am getting a little fed up with the new members that are there just to sell their wares and if I was Stuart I would start charging them for the free advertisement. Maybe it is just me that feels that way and I am having a hissy fit. Also I steer clear of the ones who do not have a profile.
    Most of the ones I follow are moved to my Google Reader or my blog for easier access. Some days Blotanical gets mired down and I just leave.
    Even if I get to Guru status I would never be a Guru.I have trouble remembering my own name let alone the botanical names of plants. LOL

  8. Rose, there is a tutorial on Picks, I think it is on the same page as the FAQ, which is under the Help tab. I had to read the FAQs 3 times before I comprehended how to navigate Blotanical. I'm impatient to see the new changes.

    Rosella, it's good that you are back blogging. I played in the band in high school, none of the most popular stuff. Today I would be a nerd, lol. I wanted to be a Guru, just to see if I could ever get there, like climbing Mt. Everest.

    Dave, your New Year list of garden chores was perfect for me, so now I don't have to make one.

    Lona, I agree about the free advertising. Stuart could make a living if people paid what the free advertising they are receiving by being on Blotanical where their visitors increase. I despise seeing a new member whose first words are about buying their services, books and products. There are two on the latest list.

  9. Blotanical has been great in many ways - primarily as a way to connect garden bloggers - I never thought there were so many!!! I mostly read blogs on my own blogroll (I guess that's what it's called). These are blogs I like and it's so much easier to click from my own blog. Then again, perhaps I'm not familiar enough with Blotanical to find a more useful method. I'm confused on all the picking. I have read some posts that have been picked by a million people that ...don't seem worthy of a million picks. Can't help but feel like it's a popularity contest sometimes - and that I'm not particularly interested in.

  10. It's a mystery to me about what determines a popular blog post, too. My posts that I thought were just wunnerful got fewer, while a post of pics of a dead tree and the edge of the woods for Halloween was quite popular.

    All my posts and polls are purely entertainment. I have nothing to sell, no image to maintain, no following except those of you who watch to see what comes next.


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