Friday, December 4, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas, Month by Month

Meems, of Hoe and Shovel, whose garden is always an inspiration to me, suggested that we join her in Twelve Days of Christmas in the Garden. I interpreted this meme to display a year's worth of blossoms, going back to 2008 for some of my favorite pics along with more recent views. Right now the garden is in confusion: Hibiscus and Roses blooming alongside Camellias while we wait for that first freeze.

January: Camellia Mathotiana

February: Deciduous Magnolia

March: Azaleas and 'Baby Moon' daffodils

April: Larkspur, Spiderwort, California poppies, Sweet William, Nicotiana

May: Zebra Swallowtail on Lantana

June: Kniphofia and
Carefree Delight Roses

July: Tropicals, including Tibouchina, new this year.

August: Oxblood Lily

September: Candlesticks
Cassia alata joins zinnias in an early fall display of annuals.

October: Epiphyllum blooms in the greenhouse after blooming in July outside.

November: Violas

December: Paperwhite Narcissus


  1. What a nice post. Anticipation is a good thing. So is appreciation. I appreciate all your flowers, I just can't wait to see what you grow next.

  2. NellJean, beautiful flowering photos. I especially love the tree lined street.

  3. Nell Jean, those deciduous magnolias are just gorgeous! I finally made it over here to visit you and I love your blog name. I'm a fellow seed scatterer, cutting maker, division taker. It's an obsession but we could have worse ones!

  4. I can hardly wait, either, Janie. Ramona has some gorgeous cryptomerias at her nursery, among other delights.

    Di, the tree lined street is in a town near here. It has some lovely old places in the historic district, and gardens that are a delight, even in the humblest neighborhoods. One of my fav vegetable gardens is in the parking lot of a motel where migrant workers stay.

    Thanks for coming by, Cindy. I hope we can encourage others to join our numbers.

  5. Pretty photos! I especially like the fourth one with the Larkspur and Poppies...beautiful. I don't know too many Nells but my Mom is one. :) Good name!

  6. Neil Jean,
    That Oxblood Lily is a show stopper, WOW! Fun posting!

  7. Nell Jean,
    You did it... just like that! From plan to action... you go! I love all your features. The Camellias are opening up everywhere around this area now and they are breathtaking.Your April photo depicts the feeling of that month so well. I want to attract Zebra swallowtails here but don't seem to have any fortune doing it. I'm jealous. What will happen to your Tibouchina in the freezing temps? I lost one last year with our two frosts. They are so pretty. Does your cassia alata freeze then come back? Mine is getting soooo big and has two sets of pods drying out. I've planted some of the seeds and they are growing. Yay.

  8. I like this, to the point and beautiful flower photos. Is that Red hot poker in there?

  9. Thanks for the visit. I did not lose interest in Blotanical, changed my blog and can't seem to figure out how to change it on blotanical...........yes, I am challenged in so many ways. I started Red Hot Poker from seed a few months ago and now it's in the garden...oh how I do pray it will do well!!

  10. I love your 12 months of Christmas! My favorite is the cassia...what a stunning plant and those blooms standing up so tall...what a great architectural flower... gail

  11. Hi Nell~~ 12 days {months} of bliss it looks like to me. Love the PINK camellia!

  12. Oh Nell,
    You have done it again....another wonderful post!
    I love the deciduous Magnolia blossoms and the yellow of the Candlestick flowers.

  13. I love your take on Meems' meme. It's fun to look back at pictures from the year and to be reminded of what we have to look forward to. Wonderful pictures!

  14. good for you! Love the year of blooms.
    I too started word verification....I was getting some strange comments.

  15. Such a lovely idea. I love all the colorful blooms but the Magnolias steal my heart. I wonder did the neighbors work that out together? Beautiful photos!!

  16. ooh, I love all the color combos and the scene for each month. I think April is my fave though! Great photos!

  17. I hadn't seen that meme until I saw your post. It was fun to see different blooms through the year. I think larkspurs are one of my favorite kinds of flower.

  18. I really loved this post - enjoyed seeing the different flowers growing in your garden through the months.


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