Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year Went By So Fast: 2009

January: The earliest daffodils bloomed.
Ike the cat and I lunched in the warmth of the greenhouse when it was cold outside.
By the fifteenth, there were a number of blooming plants. Taiwan cherry is one of the earliest.

February: There were daffodils galore blooming. Hyacinths began to bloom.

A big box store had bareroot roses. We got a puppy.
I pruned everywhere: Boxwoods, Vitex, vetiver grass, lantana, crape myrtles, roses. This February it starts over, more pruning.

March: Poppies! Azaleas! Wisteria!

Tornadoes! I planted gladioli bulbs.

April: Poppies and Larkspur, Roses and Lilies; wildflowers and big rains.

May: Oakleaf Hydrangeas, more Lilies, New plants.
Agapanthus and other South African plants.

June: Gardenias, Daylilies, and more Lilies.

July: Tropicals: Pride of Barbados, Gingers,
Shrimp Plant, Heliconia, Epiphyllums, Crinums.

Pride of Barbados and butterflies in July at right.

August: Alternanthera and Persian Shield; begonias and ruellias.
Pentas and Pears.
Tithonias and other delights for Butterflies.

 September: Zinnias and Cassias;
Pentas and Pineapple Sage

Native plants. Tender plants moved inside out of the wind.

November: Butterflies lingered. Even a Monarch showed up, lazily flying through the garden, to nectar on the last of Salvia leucantha.

There were Gulf Frits and Dogface Sulphurs as well, mostly on the Lantana, some on Salvia coccinea.

Zinnias persisted along with lantana.
I planted mostly orange Violas.

December: White Camellia sasanqua started the winter show.
Amaryllis and Christmas cactus bloomed in the greenhouse.

Roses still bloomed as hard freezes were delayed

This is not the whole story, if you haven't been reading along during the past year, the archives menu is at the bottom of the sidebar. Please read along in the coming year. Some of the same blooms will turn up. New plantings are planned. Where the big stump fell down will feature Muhly grass and beautyberry. I hope to add some cryptomerias.

Happy New Year!

Jean reminded me that there should have been a pic of Buffy as she is now, digging for voles. Puppies grow up fast; she's only a year old. Janie has promised me that in time she'll be a lady. Right now she's all teeth and can literally levitate. Could that come in handy later?


  1. Of all the plants you mentioned, Pride of Barbados is the one I am most excited about. When a web friend from Austin offered it to me in trade for some tomato seeds, I jumped at the offer. It just exudes summer and the heat and humidity I'd love to have just a little of right now.

    Hope your next year is better than the previous and so on each year. Yep, it did go by fast.

  2. Even if you have to treat Pride of Barbados as an annual, you can get blossoms from seed in a single season, started early. My seeds sprouted last year just fine, then the cat walked on them and killed every little seedling. It isn't easy, gardening with pets. I'm starting over this spring, with safeguards for the seedlings.

  3. The Pride of Barbados is amazing, and obviously the butterflies agree. I bet that puppy isn't small any more. So cute. Happy New year!

  4. Your post is making me wish spring were much sooner! I can't wait to see the first blooms. Hopefully the winter jasmine will do until more starts to show.

  5. Daffies in January, this makes me sigh. The absolute earliest we could hope to see any around here is the super early special varieties in late Feb.

    I think that I might have to pack up my bags and move somewhere warmer.


  6. Hello Nell,

    I am thankful to have met you this year. I hope you have a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing your garden throughout 2010. My Pride of Barbados is still growing tall, but I will have to cut it back next month. It is one of my favorite plants.

  7. The Pride of Barbados has such vivid colours - its one plant I just have to be content to look at from photos in books and blogs.

  8. Ordinarily, I don't care for the "year in review" regarding any subject, but this I liked very much.

  9. Yes it did! How do we put on the brakes? Happy New Year!

  10. It was a colorful and pretty year Nell. I love the puppy (or big puppy now) in the blooming bushes.

  11. I love your year in review! And the new puppy, too, of course. A garden is complete with a pup. Happy New Year!

  12. Puppies grow up too fast, don't they?

    What a great reflection of your garden.

    Happy New Year

    PS We just finished a day with both grown sons, and I saw your comment on my blog. Thank you.

  13. You know how people type LOL well I was SOL, ,meaning sighing out loud over your puppy. Cute as all get out. Enjoy!
    Happy New year. I will vote on your poll, you always create such fun ones.

  14. Nell, I really enjoyed this retrospective of your gardening year. It was fun to see Buffy as that cute little bit of fluff in February and taking time to smell the flowers in March. You forgot to include a photo of her digging up flower beds in December! :-) -Jean

  15. Nell, I love your year in review! I am so glad to have found you this year. Pamela

  16. Hi Nell~~ The oriental lily 'Stargazer' has got to be one of my favorites. I know it's "common" now but the scent and the color...yum! All your photos are lovely.

    What an adorable photo of your puppy!!!! Yes, the years keep whizzing by.

  17. Nell Jean, where did the year go? It seems we only put the gardens to bed and now it's time to start again. Sure hope this is a great year for you. Diana

  18. What a nice recap of the year Nell Jean. I'd like to have daffodils in January too ~ the winter wouldn't seem near so long then.

  19. What a list of accomplishments! And accompanied by such a darling puppy.

    You've given me a lot more ideas. Thank you.


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