Monday, January 11, 2010

The Queen of What

In my recent post on Polls I asked if readers would vote for me for Queen. Some immediately said they would; others asked 'Queen of What?' Not wanting to be Queen of What, I cast about for something over which to reign. Certainly not Queen of All I Survey, too big a responsibility. I only recently resigned as Den Mother to the World.

I looked back at Alice in Wonderland -- the Queen of Hearts -- a real meanie. "Off with his head," she was always screaming. I only shout that when deadheading, or when confronted with a venoumous reptile.

I looked at the Red Queen in Through the Looking Glass, the book, not Jill's blog. She was a Chess piece, somewhat demented. The White Queen as well, except that she turned into a black kitty. I asked Ikey if he could be the White Queen and he answered as usual, "What?" 

So I searched the web for queens. Shakespeare's famous queen in MacBeth? Too much  handwashing. A prolific source of queens is Comic Books. I'm hardly the Amazon queen type. There are queens galore in the world of computer gaming, again not my style.

After deliberation, I've decide just to be Queen of Seedlings and Cuttings.

Written by the Queen of Seedlings and Cuttings

Jill JellyFishBay is giving away one of her calendars. Jill calls her blog 'Through the Looking Glass' because she loves "classic children’s literature and have always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland. I felt that Through the Looking Glass reflected my interest in that part of my life and it invited other readers into my world on the other side of the glass. I felt that this particular blog title would also reflect my more introspective nature. In addition, I had a secret tie-in with the story. The first creatures that Alice interacts with are the talking flowers in the Red Queen’s garden."

Don't forget to visit Jill, after you vote for me for Queen.


  1. I vote for you indeed! That's an impressive bunch of cuttings. I know Jill from way back when I first began blogging. She makes fabulous barbeque sauce:)

  2. Definitely queen of cuttings, Nell. I have a friend with a nursery who is amazing at cuttings and seedlings, so he's king of these plantlets. You're both inspiring.

  3. Hail, Hail, the Queen! Reigning over seedlings and cuttings is just perfect :-)

  4. Ok, Hail the Queen of Seedlings and Cuttings. Well done.
    Janet AKA The Queen of Seaford --it is good to be Queen. :-)
    I love Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

  5. Sorry as a seedaholic and propogating demon I'm afraid I can't vote for you - unless you are Queen of Seedlings and Cuttings (USA)

  6. I too would vote for you! Looks like you have control over the seedlings and cuttings...

  7. As long as I can be King. It's good to be king.

    You've got a good handle on rooting things. I've learned a lot from you just by watching and looking at photographs. Like sowing seeds in the fall over the disturbed ground from pulling summer annuals. And the meadow. Can't forget the meadow.

  8. We bow to you, Queen of S&C. Sounds like an investment banking firm, are you giving yourself a huge bonus? Of course you deserve one for that splendid display of subjects. I loved the Den mother remark. :-)

  9. You have my vote too. You are an inspiration. I hope to have as much success as you and Tom have.


  10. Looks like it's anonymous! ;-]
    If you were Queen of 'Whether', you could reign over rain. (And warm us up!)
    I've been watching some old Norm Crosby clips... does it show? 8-}

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  11. Dear Queen, I hope you are a fairy queen with a magic wand. If so, please wave it over MY garden and make all my seeds and cuttings grow successfully. Thank you. Your devoted subject. Pamela (can you tell I am accustomed to being ruled by a queen?)

  12. Thank you all for your votes!

    Patient Gardener is voting by proxy from Great Britain, where she is Queen of Seeds and Cuttings -UK.

    My Kingdom just extends as far as I can fling seeds. The seeds I scattered across the highway along woods edge have little blue sprouts. I hope to have California poppies to wow motorists, come May. My MIL used to plant butterbeans there.

  13. Queen of Seeds,
    That is something. It must be really a great job actually if that is a real life - something like a fairy land with many fairies sprouting and planting.
    Making sure the earth is fertile.


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