Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Red Hot Pokers and other Fiery Thoughts

It's cold out, cozy inside with a little heater under the desk. Thoughts turn to fiery plants that bring heat to the garden when the weather warms.

  Camellias that were open before the freezing weather came all turned brown. Tight buds are bountiful and will open as soon as the weather stays above freezing once again. I was hoping for camellias for Bloom Day, maybe not.

Foliage is slow to
appear this year.


Sweet Peas

Tithonia and a Zebra 

Kniphofia Red Hot Pokers!

Native Azaleas
Natives are from the Woodruff Plantation. I took the pics at Open House last April.

Daylily Seedling Orange

Shaggy Zinnias from dollar store seeds.

I left off: Crocosmia, orange Gladioli, Dahlias, 'Charisma' roses, and others.
I feel much warmer for having reviewed all these fiery blossoms. How about you?


  1. Lovely flowers, very warm post on this cold day. Thanks!

  2. Just what I needed on a cold day like this, photos of Red Hot Pokers and other fiery blooms.

    Actually, it's going to be rather warm here today....we call it the January thaw. I'm talking about 35 degrees.


  3. Nice photos. I'd never seen red hot pokers until I moved to the southwest. I just love them! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the Magnolia blooms and wish they would grow in my zone. I have never grown Red Hot Pokers either. So many flowers so little room. Just not right ;-)

  5. Ah, you warmed my bones a bit! Thanks for the stroll this morning...

  6. Hello Nell,

    You have your space heater and I am wearing my 'Snuggie'. I love the bright colors and they did warm me up a bit. I especially like your poppies. Here's to warmer weather on the way...

  7. Would you believe that I can't think of one red flower right now in addition to the ones you photographed? I think you captured them all, and so beautifully too.

  8. Quite lovely! Orange Butterfly Weed and Fire Chalice compete with my Red Hot Pokers -- the 3 of them make quite a statement, mid-summer.

  9. Those are some nice warm flower colors! The Camellias are really pretty!

  10. what a lovely preview for what I will hopefully be enjoying before too long! can't wait to see those first few daffs!

  11. Lovely warm colors. I have never grown Red Hot Pokers either and I don't know why.

  12. Yes, Nell Jean, warmer, thanks! I love orange and you have shown plenty of it, including my all time fave the native azalea. Sigh. I can't get enough of those beauties. The red hot poker name is enough to warm us. They came with our property here and have been spread around and about, then pulled up since they take up so much room, then replanted becaue I, and the finches can't live without them. :-)

  13. While I have some orange in the garden, it isn't a color I gravitate towards...though your collection is super and I may change my mind!

  14. Love your daffodils, look so calm and serene. I thought they should be all yellow.
    Something that will never grow in my hot climate area.

  15. Lovely blooms! Yes, I feel warmer. It also helps that I just got my bed buddy out of the microwave. ;o)

    I wish my red hot pokers bloomed as well as yours. They just get one or two spikes each season.


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