Thursday, January 7, 2010

Results of an Unofficial Poll about Blotanical

My recent informal poll about Blotanical revealed some interesting responses. 

Only 38% look at the list of New Blotanists.

27% give a welcome new Blotanists.

42% are anxious to read News of changes on Blotanical.

27% read Stuart's blog.

Seven people seemed surprised that Stuart has a blog.

Only 2 persons said they never pick posts.

18% pick posts but rarely comment.

37% comment on most of the blogs they read.

75% comment when the post especially appeals.

Half of us hold back some Faves for future use.


This is was a very small poll, with only 54 respondents. My polls are meant solely for the entertainment of readers.

If I run for Queen, will you vote for me?


  1. Interesting Nell Jean... fun to see the results. Queen of what? i would have to reserve my vote until I knew. lol Hope it is not too cold where you are.

  2. The results are very interesting. Especially those who never pick posts. I'm surprised that they voted ;-)

    Oh, by the way, you have my vote for queen...

  3. Wait a minute here!!!! What are you running for Queen of??
    The Queen of Seaford.

  4. Hmmmm. As a citizen of a country that has a Queen (we share her with our cousins in the UK), I'm all for having a new, bright, fresh, Queen. Especially if you'll get rid of the intolerable prime minister in my country. The results of your poll were interesting, too. I keep visiting new blogs and writing comments and notes to encourage them--as someone who's been blogging for nearly 4 years, I know how much it means to know others appreciate the work going into a post, to share info with other peeps around the world.

  5. Interesting results. I sometimes have difficulty picking my favorite posts because their links are unreliable; and no one has ever picked mine ... is it for the same reason? I hope my links are fixed now.

    I believe comments are MOST important. If someone leaves a comment on my blog, I always return the favor. Your encouragement, Nell Jean, has been most valuable to me! You definitely have my vote!!

  6. Well, I have joined the Blotanical only 24 hours ago, I am still trying to understand it. Hopefully I am in the right ways anyway! Well spotted.

  7. I missed this poll. I am one of those people who has never picked a post. (hanging my head in shame) I don't have a clue how to do it ~ if that's an excuse. I joined Blotanical to find other garden blogs to read and after I discovered some, I've basically been inactive. I never learned the in's and out's of how it worked. I do comment regularly on blogs tho and most especially those I really enjoy. I think you should be named "queen of the polls!" You've had some good ones going. :-)

  8. Hey there! Yes, thanks a lot for this info here. I will have a homework to do, thats for sure! I'm in the middle of a little crisis at the moment, I'm starting to ask myself the whle blogging thing. It seems that I am loosing the interest in the internet itself lately. Do you feel the same sometimes?

  9. By the way, dont be surprised if shut my blog for a while...I wouldn't like to let you wondering what happened (lol)

  10. Interesting to read the poll. I for one find it very hard to keep up with blotanical. Just to my best to keep up.
    Vote you for queen - sure.

  11. Interesting results, I thought that more people picks posts. I know that I do, I do it automatically, if I like it - I pick it. There should be a "double pick" for those ones that I just love.

  12. We have quiet, small changes trickling thru on Blotanical. Anyone else notice that Blogs on the Rise, now runs to about 100, instead of the top 20?

  13. Although I signed up with Blotanical that's just where I have left it. I don't "work it", but I do have quite a list of blogs I have gathered and follow. I usually pick up new ones from comments they leave, or from the reccomendations of other bloggers. I enjoy your polls.

  14. You've got my vote!

    Queen of what queendom?

  15. All hail Queen Nell! Did someone else already say that? Nope, good deal. Blotanical is a great resource to find new blogs, new posts and just keep up with the buzz of the garden blogging community. While not everybody participates, it seems more are getting into the mix everyday. Hooray! ( I loved the response of who's Stuart. :-)

  16. Thanks for reading my polls, and voting, and commenting -- all of you.

    I left a comment on your blog, Kathleen, about learning about picks. The Help tab there is a good thing, even when we don't need help.

    Special hugs to those of you who will vote for me for Queen of Anything. I'll let the rest of you know when I decide Queen of What. Every time I offer some bizarre notion, I end up reading half a day about something else. Good thing it is too cold here to do much besides read. I did look at many garden pics from 2003 and 2004

    Stay warm, everybody.

  17. hey queeeeeeny, nice survey i learned alot,fortunately i was doing all the right things...keep those fun polls rolling along :)

  18. That was a fun poll. I had a little trouble deciding whether to say I read Stuart's blog, since I don't come across it very often, but when I do, I read a post or 2, so I said I did.

    I would call you queen of the polls.


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