Sunday, January 17, 2010

Romantic Flowers

It is never too early to speak of Romantic Flowers. I put a little Poll on the Sidebar so you can choose your favorite Romantic Flower.  This time you must choose only one, unlike previous polls. If I'd waited until Valentine's Day, I'd have had to include Cyclamen, which are almost always available then, and Primroses. The late florist Mr. Loran told me once that he always wanted a primrose path, but they didn't thrive in his garden. The list of romantic flowers is endless. If yours isn't included, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Dianthus is a broad category that includes Garden Pinks as well as Carnations . Carnations were popular for high school prom corsages fifty years ago when the accompanying photo was taken. While we're spreaking romantic, I always loved a big fat football mum corsage with little chenille stem trinkets in the school colors during football season, even if my date happened be from the town of the opposing team.

You might write and link a post on Romantic flowers and review last summer's prettiest during this bad weather. I would like that.

Roses are always good choices for most romantic:

I hestitated to include Wisteria in the list because I agree with Susan at Miss Rumphius' Rules concerning Wisteria. Then I looked at the book Ninfa. Giardini di Ninfa is called the most romantic garden in the world. It features the thugs Wisteria and 'New Dawn' roses, true thugs but very, very beautiful and romantic along with  flowering cherries, ruins, walls and evergreen trees which add to the romantic look.

We eliminated a large overgrown patch of spirea and wisteria this fall, but left this tree-form wisteria in the midst of boxwoods. I continually hack at these plants to keep the wisteria out of nearby trees. Wisteria not only has spectacular spring bloom, but reblooms through the summer and smells good.

Which are your favorite romantic flowers? Everybody has a romantic story?


  1. Nell, when I was reading the flowers on the list I was looking at it from a florist perspective. Most "men" that come in think that red roses are the most romantic, that they will be in trouble at home if they purchase anything else. We are slowly trying to change their mind, and the recipient is always happy.
    I will be interested to see what the poll holds. I voted for lilac because I love it, but I dind peonys are also very romantic.

  2. Well, Nell Jean, I voted for the Gardenia. It is for me the most romantic of flowers, for a dear man in my life carefully packaged a few from his Atlanta garden in March one year and mailed them to me. That year we had so much snow and ice in March ... having those lovely flowers with the utterly sensual fragrance was delicious. The fact that J. had gone to the trouble to send me the gardenias that he grew etched them permanently in my heart. Lilacs and Peonies are my faves too but we could only choose one... hard to do.

  3. I like lilacs maybe because of their fragrance and growing up in Maine they bring back such good memories. Peonies are nice too but I guess if you are really talking romance like in the Valentine's Day sense, then roses would have to be the flower. Lovely wisteria the way it is growing in that boxwood. I have two vines here that have never bloomed. Is yours in the shade and still blooming? Maybe there is hope for mine yet.

  4. I see already that I should had said, "YOUR" most romantic flower. My brother is one of those red roses men, Deborah, but he's found that 2 dozen roses makes a bigger impact. Try that on your customers.

    Lilacs were my father's favorite flower. Gardenias are among my favs.

    Tina, the wisteria gets midday sun. i hack off everything that doesn't have a bloom possibility, else it would travel up the driveway and eat the house.

  5. An inspired post, Nell. I would put lilacs as my second most romantic flower because of their scent; hubby usually brings me roses at least once a year, but he is irked because they have no fragrance, so last time he brought me lilies. My personal favourite romantic flower, however, is lavender; our bedroom is painted and themed in lavender, and I have lavender essential oil and hand lotion and massage lotion and bath oil and and and and....

  6. As one would expect, based on my user name and profession, I think roses are my favorite and most romantic flower. The sight of Leontine Gervais or Alberic Barbier in bloom in late May, the velvety texture and deep maroon color of Charles de Mills, or the heavenly fragrance of Felicia ... I could go on and on.

  7. Nell, is that you in the prom picture? Whoever it is looks uncannily like my mother, who would have been attending proms about 65 years ago. (Sorry if you're no where near that old.)
    My boring choice for romantic flower is the rose. They simply are beautiful, and so widely associated with romance in our culture. Personally, I'm not adverse to a bouquet of freesias with their heady fragrance as romantic choice.

  8. I would have to say roses, the antique variety especially. Gardenias are my second choice. I love them but can't seem to grow them and I should be able to do that down here.

    Lovely post Nell. It has inspired my to make our gardens more romantic.

    Is that a picture of you and your DH?
    Lovely, happy couple.


  9. Nell Jean,
    Your wisteria takes my breath away. I voted for lilac, and indulged in a post just for you. :) Too bad there are no scratch and sniff computer programs...

  10. i love gardenias especially since they grow so well in my area and most gardens have a few growing so its always nice to get free scents coming through unexpectedly, also there are different scents for the various varieties

  11. My favorite romantic flower, without any doubt is lily of the valley. Roses I do like too, but they express passion and love more then romance.

    I will pick the last choice on your poll.

  12. Hello Nell,

    I love Pink Roses best and I am not sure why....

    I was at our local nursery today and saw many dianthus on display. I do love Carnations too :-)

  13. Interesting question. I don't know if I have a favorite, yet. Perhaps a peach colored rose, with pink edges? I think if my husband ever brings me flowers, just because, then whatever flowers are in that bouquet will be the most romantic.

  14. Love the photo!

    I have to say the iris is the most romantic to me. When The Musician was dating me, I told him not to bother with roses for Valentine's that I prefer purple irises! :-)


  15. I love a richly intoxicating fragrace - jasmine, tea rose, etc. Though there's nothing really romantically connected, the fragrance knocks me out. I would fall slow-mo style with a smile on my face.

    For the purposes of your poll though, I would ahve to say the white rose. My husband just bought me 2 dozen white roses (see a recent post on my blog) for our 20 year anniversary of when we starte dating. He has bought me white roses every year from year one. I don't have the first one, but do have the second year's roses (2 white roses). Here's a little secret - I don't particularly like a white rose, and I definitely don't like the fact that there is no fragrance, but it would have to be voted most romantic out of tradition. :)

    Great photo!!!

  16. You know I love gardenias, but I have to say that I also love dianthus right now, because it is the only thing blooming in my yard right now.

    Love the picture. Is that Lane with you?

  17. I love Peonies but since they aren't on the list, I voted for Wisteria. I'm sorry, I know it's invasive, but it doesn't grow well enough here to be a big problem.

  18. I love gardenias too, and am planning to plant some in our garden this year. They smell so devine :-)

  19. That photo looks a lot like one of our cousin's photos from 1960, NellJean - guess it's the tiered lace?

    The scent of lilacs is certainly romantic, and the scent of plumeria makes me think of a trip to Hawaii, but my boyfriend gave me an armful of yellow roses for HS graduation, and that's been our romantic flower ever since.

    Love how wisteria flowers drape gracefully...that does look romantic!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  20. Jayne, Janie set me onto the idea of gardenia hedges. Now I plant three in a row, if not more.

    For those who asked, the fellow in the pic was just a prom date named Jack. We were standing under a mimosa tree. I don't know where the prom corsage and boutinniere were. It was more than 50 years ago and my memory of such things has faded.

    Peonies! I should have included peonies and lily of the valley. The list of romantic blossoms is endless, isn't it? Peonies do not thrive here. I haven't tried lily of the valley here. They were easy where I used to garden.

  21. Oh, how I remember those huge high school homecoming mum corsages.

    Lilacs always seem romantic to me, the fragrance always brings good memories back to me. That's all I'll say for now:)


  22. Oh! That tiered ballerina dress! So romantic and so pretty! I'm the one person so far who chose a camellia as most romantic flower, and I'm not sure why because I grew up in a place where camellias grew on 18-foot trees so they were hardly rare. I just find the arrangement of the whole thing beautiful -- the shiny green leaves, the waxy petals in such gorgeous colours, their beautiful blooms in such awful weather. I won't notice that they lack scent, and are hard to arrange in vases. Thanks for this fun poll, Nell Jean!


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