Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank You for Being a Fan: Golden Girls' Gardens

When someone chooses me as a Favorite Blotanist, or Faves my Blog, I send a message to their Plot that usually starts, 'Thank You for being a Fan' and the theme song from Golden Girls starts in my head.
'Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant.'  -- Andrew Gold

I wondered what kind of garden Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia would keep.

Blanche we know has a lanai with tropical plants. Would she also have an Orchid Collection? Blanche of course would have a gardener. There's a snippet of Sophia and the Japanese gardener here:

Would Rose be trying to grow some of the plants she knew back in St. Olaf in a little lath house where the Miami sun can't reach them?

Dorothy! I can imagine Dorothy growing projects in the classroom for her students. Dorothy may have been a rose fancier. I can imagine Dorothy adoring Roses sent by a gentleman friend, maybe from Stan. I saw him once at the Improv in San Francisco doing standup comedy.

Sophia would have at least an herb garden, growing Oregano, Rosemary and other delights for making her old country dishes from Sicily. Perhaps she would gather some wild mushrooms and greens in a park somewhere. The mild climate of Sicily is not unlike Miami, I believe.

If you don't know the Golden Girls, you're missing some wonderful reruns from the 1980s. There's a tinge of sadness watching now, since Bea Arthur died in 2009 of cancer and Estelle Getty died earlier, at age 84. Rue McClanahan had heart bypass surgery last November. Betty White was incorrectly named on the Today Show last July as one who was already buried at Forest Lawn, quickly corrected by Meredith Vieira.

As late as May, 2009, Betty White and Bob Barker were feuding over the relocation of an elephant from the Los Angeles Zoo. Sandra Bullock is set to present the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award to 87-year-old Betty White at the SAG awards show January, 2010. There is a Hybrid Tea Rose, 'Betty White' that is said to be very fragrant.

Senesence come to us all, including celebrities. It's a time of reflection in the garden.
What are  your thoughts on the kind of gardens the characters on the Golden Girls might have had?


  1. Thanks for the morning laugh. "It's part of her heritage. It means her mother was a slut too."

    I remember watching this show with my mom and sister in prime time. Later in life, whenever flipping through channels on tv, I would inevitably stumble across a rerun on Lifetime or some other channel. I'd always stop and watch. These women crack me up.

    I think you've pictured their gardening ambitions just perfectly. Dorothy might have also had some bonsai, because they remind her of her mother. I couldn't imagine Blanche every having her hands in dirt. If she did, the gardening gloves would match her outfit complete with sequins and spangles.

    Will you be doing a Designing Women flashback next? I've got a story about that show. They were from Georgia too.

  2. I was almost late getting ready for Church, Tom, watching snippets of Designing Women on You Tube, hoping for a garden-related show. Tara will be disappointed as I was to know the their designs didn't seem to take in the outside.

  3. It is fun imagining the gardens of different characters. I'm not sure about the Golden Girls, I never watched it, but I did like Designing Women. I spend more time imagining what Josephine's garden in Malmaison might have looked like or what kind of garden Queen Elizabeth I walked in.

  4. I was lucky enough to have attended a taping of Golden Girls once. What fun! Betty White could never get her lines right, and they were constantly having to reshoot the scenes. She was such a hoot, though, and by far the friendliest of "the girls".

    Thanks for the memory (TM Bob Hope).

  5. I remember watching this show with my Mom, too. I think I'll Tivo it -- nice trip down memory lane and it was always so funny...

  6. LOL! I watch the reruns occasionally.
    Blanche would probably have 'Big Daddy' hire a gardener for her.
    Sophia would most likely grow those special herbs, wolfbane, hemlock,night shade,etc.
    I can see Rose as a tulip kinda girl.
    Dorothy would just not be bothered with the whole idea of gardening.
    Fun post!

  7. I just watched a rerun of "Golden Girls" this week when visiting my younger daughter! I hadn't seen one in awhile. It was the episode where Bea Arthur's character had a problem with gambling. My daughter watches the reruns faithfully. I would never have thought she'd like the show so much, but she loves it!

  8. I think Blanche would have hired a cute gardener, grab a cup of tea and oogled.


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