Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's in Your Windows?

The informal poll on keeping plants over during winter showed that half of us have something growing in our kitchen windows, and 30% have plants in other windows of the house.

Only 1 in ten of those taking part said they keep over no plants through the winter.

We keep plants and cuttings and seedlings in sheds, greenhouse, solariums, under grow lights; tucked wherever they can survive until Spring.

Two hyacinths in vase are on a window sill, opening faster than the ones in containers of stones in the green house where it is cooler. This is the first to bloom.

I frequently have cuttings rooting year around where I've brought in something that either broke or I wanted to try to root a piece. Right now I have a piece of porterweed and a rose cutting that was left when the flower dropped its petals in the kitchen window.

In the greenhouse, shrimp plant, red alternanthera with little clover-like blooms not seen in summer gardens, and a white shrimp bloom at the top. The red shrimp and alternanthera are in water. The white shrimp is in soil, after rooting in water.

Pentas are growing in both water and soil in the greenhouse. This pale pink is one of my favs. After the prolonged freezing temps we had, I'm afraid the pentas in the garden may not return. I'll be glad of every little rooted cutting.

What's in your windows? I love to hear your comments.
If you've pics, please do blog about the plants in your windows, and link back here.


  1. I don't have plants that I try to keep over inside, but my son does. He has a small laurel bush that he takes inside in winter (and I have to think about watering it!).
    Though, in my windows, I have several orchids, that all bloom several months a year.

  2. Hello Nell,

    I love your hyacinths - the deep pink color is gorgeous. As for me...I have 3 African Violets and 2 Moth Orchids which I am managing to keep alive ;^) Actually 4 of the 5 are blooming right now.

  3. Since it usually doesn't get too cold here...I have been covering up plants with a sheet that are on my back porch. In one window I have a stem cutting from a brugmansia and some succulents that have managed to stay alive :/. We have a freeze possibility tonight.

  4. The hyacinths are odd this year. I bought a box of mixed hyacinths at a big box store. I think they stayed in the fridge too long, as they all seem smaller than usual. The florets are single, maybe they're not the usual hyacinths. The second one is opening and it is white.

    Every year is different and it is all fun.

  5. If I come back in my next life as a plant, may I please live at your house? Your plants always look so well cared for and loved.

    How do people who have a cat/cats living in the house, keep them from destroying the plants? Our little Butterscotch never met a plant that he didn't want to throw around.


  6. Rooting cuttings of weeping willow. That's all I have growing in the windows right now. I have plants near the windows. A ficus tree, a peace lily, a bird's nest fern and some kind of tropical palm. I'm not very good with houseplants. Forcing bulbs has never been something I aspired to.

  7. I winter over brugmansias and this year I brought in a big pot of succulents, so far they are doing fine. I have over 100 houseplants that stay inside all year. I got caught up in the houseplant craze in the early 70s and never got out of it.

    Nice blog! I'll be back!

  8. Hmm in my window: Coleus, Persian Shield, basil, butterfly bush cuttings, red twig dogwood cuttings, a rooted azalea, and a rooted 'Powis Castle' artemisia.

  9. In my kitchen window, you will find a small flat of hardy cyclamen seedlings and a three-inch saguaro cactus. That's all. Everything else is in the greenhouse.
    ... Connie

  10. I have a year-round spathe in my kitchen window. Our house is oriented with the front facing south, where there is not a good way to place plants since most of the windows are actually glass doors to the porch on the first floor. That's why I "need" a greenhouse! :-)


  11. I have succulents growing on my kitchen windowsill. It is the only windowsill that gets a decent amount of sunlight in my house, I've posted pics of it in my blog. The succulents are a Jade plant and a Burro's Tail (or so someone tells me that's what it is called)

  12. I love the kitchen window in my new house. It is large enough for many things. Funny, I just wrote a post last week and showed some pictures of what is in my kitchen window...I have some cuttings off plants that seem ready to open in a vase so I can see what they are. also starting some herbs and succulents.


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