Friday, January 22, 2010

White Dawn, What Nice Hips!

James asked if my pink roses turn into hips? None of them. It seems the rugosas, Eglantine and wild roses are more likely to have hips. The only nice hips in my garden are on 'White Dawn.' White Dawn is not as vigorous as New Dawn and the blooms are pure white, but it's a nice rambler.

I went out to look. Some of the hips on White Dawn have turned dark red. I picked a couple. The redder one tasted pretty good. When I researched rose hips, I learned they were a popular source of Vitamin C during WW II. Native Americans used them as food during winter. They remain popular today for jellies, tonics, pills and teas. Most writers says that birds leave them to the last. I wondered if it is because they are long lasting without rotting.

White Dawn, early September. Notice the Hips in the background.

I brought in a few seeds. White Dawn's near neighbor is Rose de Rescht.

I want to hear about your roses that make significant hips.


  1. Let's see ... nice hips? Off the top of my head, I'll suggest Dr. W. Van Fleet (the sport parent of New Dawn, the seed parent of White Dawn), Kathleen, Honorine du Brabant, and (my favorite for hips) Schoener's Nutkana. Remember that hips left to ripen on repeat-blooming roses can reduce rebloom ... I'm sure you already know this, though.

  2. White Dawn is lovely. The roses in my garden that produce hips in sizeable quantities (if any) are the rugosas and species roses. I love it because then I can always grow more!

  3. Your photo of rose hips is certainly better than the one I had on one of my earlier posts.

    It's going to be a while before I see roses blooming in my yard.


  4. Your white Dawn is lovely. I have pink New Dawn and it gets just a few hips on it.

  5. I love how your rose is falling over so romantically Nell Jean ... spilling petals on the lawn. I have few roses but the rugosas make fine hips. They do not look very appetizing right now but sure they still have the nutrition. Love your title! ;>))

  6. Maybe the rosehips last because they are full of vitamin C. Which is used as a preservative in our food.

  7. I love White Dawn, we had one on a split rail fence at our other TN home. Most of the roses we now grow have hips, even the knockouts. The smaller hybrid musks are good hip producers too. The wild invasive multifloras that seed everywhere produce hips that are much enjoyed by the birds, I have always hoped the baby rose plants are one of the good ones, but have learned they never are, and they now get pulled.

  8. Hi Nell Jean, lovely hips! I was wondering how you ate the one you said was tasty? Tea? Like an apple? In jelly? I have a good number of rose hips on my rugosas but also on the Carpet Roses...more so on the red ones than the white.

  9. Hi Nell Jean

    Over in the UK Rosa Rugosa is fantastic for hips.



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