Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bring out the Big Guns: Artillery Plant is Everywhere!

It's one of those little seedlings that 'looks like it could be something' until it grows bigger and starts shooting little seeds everywhere when you brush against it. It's even still cute when the little white flowers bloom. Don't wait! pull every little plant as soon as you recognize it. Artillery Plant is just one thug in the garden now. Davy of Davy's Garden has a list of weeds in a recent post that are actually wildflowers, but names some as nuisances, like Thistle and Blackberry.

Right now my biggest thugs are Artillery Plant, Florida Betony and Chickweed, all winter weeds. Unsightly, so I pull as many as I can. Hot sun will take care of them in time, if you can't get to all of them.

There's an ongoing war with Catbrier, or Smilax. Not only does it have briers and is green year around, it forms tubers underground, some as big as a large sweet potato. Break off a piece when you are digging and it makes a new plant.

What are your worst enemies, weedwise?

Oh, forgot to add the link to the Florida Weed photo site.
Top Ten Nasty Weeds


  1. We only recently moved into this house and the yard is full, full of various weeds. I've seen clover -- the only one I can identify. I've got little purple flower ones, mini-tree like ones, and broad-leaf ones. I'll check out the weed list on Davy's blog and see if I can identify any more. I'm working to pull them all out, bit by bit.

  2. My Garden is totally an arrangement of potted plants and so to say weeds to spring from there is quite rare.
    occassionally I get some stubborn grasses growing together and when I uproot them, they come together with a big chunck of soil wrapped with it roots.

    Other than that, some seeds from different plants germinate in different pots - which is quite interesting to see the sweet surprise when they bloom.

  3. I am just learning to recognized various weeds..weeds have just always been, well, just weeds to me. I hate henbit, and oxalis, and those sandspurry's amazing to me what I call weed, gardeners actually buy it in nurseries across the states..
    we also considered Spiderwort Lily to be a weed it's everywhere here.

  4. My greatest weedy enemies are dandelions, chickweed, and creeping buttercup. My eye is developing a twitch just thinking of this list. A few months until the onslaught....

    Christine in Alaska

  5. well, it's not really a weed... but i just wrote a little something on my blog about salvia uglinosa. it is so invasive, albeit pretty.

  6. Spiderwort is weedy, but I let it grow across the backs of the berms because it blooms ahead of everything else. For a time in early spring, it gives that pretty blue color while we're waiting for 'real' flowers. When it gets seedy, I cut it to the ground and let something pretty shine.

  7. Blackberry is listed as a noxious weed in my part of the world and I have an ongoing battle with it. It has developed a relationship with my may bush which likes to hide the blackberry under it's skirts!

  8. Once I read somewhere that every gardener has the volume of weeds that they deserve. So, lousy gardener should be the one having more weeds that anything else.
    Last year I almost lost a battle with weeds, lucky enough, winter started. This year I have a plan to prevent history repeating itself.

  9. Wrote about Paterson's Curse a while back. And of course, the weedy Californian Oxalis, is at home and welcome, in our garden.

  10. Catsbriar, dollar weed, Spanish needles, and probably a few others, like asparagus ferns. I LOVE spiderwort.


  11. Currently chickweed but I spent the last 3 years targeting ragweed. The stuff was everywhere. Johnson Grass gets bad too here.

    I don't mind the henbit.

  12. Oh, I've "met" artillery plant!


  13. Nutsedge, nettles, quackgrass...and a ton others that I don't know the names of lol.

    There's a weed that grows in my gardens, that lmost look like peanut plants...

  14. Weeds in my garden are
    Hieracium aurantiacum
    Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
    Cirsium palustre and Equisetum. They are so invasive and very hard to eliminate. I'm learning to live with them.

  15. Dandelions!!! The battle is never over (though I secretly love them, especially the seed heads - I'm a photographer AND allotmenteer). Artillery plants sound very scary indeed - good luck out there solider x

  16. Hi Nell Jean! All February, I've been fighting clover and shotweed. I've never heard of an artillery plant!
    I am curious how did you manage to lose your Blotanical plot? Did you do anything bad? Sorry. I think it's not funny for you. I read blogs using my Google Reader. I don't miss picking. Although, it's a good way to say to a blogger:Hi! I've been here, I read your post, I just don't have time to write a comment. There are blogs on my reader which are not Blotanical members.

  17. Whatever you do, Tatyana, don't go to 'Join' at Blotanical and fool around with trying to add a second blog. The capchure feature
    always gives me a fit and when I backed up....

  18. Artillery weed sounds like something I have here. It's little with sort of club-shaped leaves that are a purple-ish color on the bottom. Cute little white flowers with long seed pods that peel back and fire seeds everywhere.

    That's not nearly as bad as the other bane of my existence right now though. I don't know what it's called, but it crawls and is very fragile, so if you try to grab an end and trace it back to the root, it usually just breaks off. I've spent hours hunched over the lawn, trying to pick through the grass to find the root clump. It also has sticky little seed pods which make it very easy to spread this little sucker.


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