Monday, February 22, 2010

High on Hyacinths; Promise of Spring

Forced hyacinths are hardly finished blooming inside before
the ones outside are blooming.

All pics in today's post were taken today.

Mixed hyacinths planted in Fall, 2009

'Delft Blue' planted 2007; super returns.
'Little Gem' on the hill.

King Alfred. Sissy planted these prior to 1972.

Magnolia Stellata 'Leonard Messel'

... and another freeze is coming, midweek. Low of 24F degrees predicted for Thursday night. 


  1. Hi Nell Jean, your hyacinths are beautiful ---I love their fragrance. The voles ate all of mine and now I have none. Maybe I will buy a few in the market to have indoors.
    I am tired of the cold temps, how about you?

  2. I am so jealous;-) I looked for my daffodils yesterday but couldn't see anything due to the snow. I am sure in some areas near me, they are up...they have to be starting to poke through. Just in my yard, it's deep enought that I can't see anything. I dug down in some areas and didn't see any green shoots. That isn't quite normal, either, so I'm hoping some will come back. I suppose it's possible the critters have eaten all of my bulbs?! I hope not. I love your hyacinths. I now have 2 inside and they are lovely. My outside ones will probably not be seen until mid March, maybe late March? Not sure, but defintitely not yet!

  3. I'm going to sit here QUIETLY green with envy!

  4. Hi Nell Jean,

    Thanks for sharing your blooms with those of us who are still covered in snow. It will be a while until we get there, but I do believe I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Ah, you give me hope that spring is coming our way from your direction!

    Lovely bulbs and blooms.


  6. Those hyacinths looks so decilously beautiful. Something that cannot grow in my region.

    I too have to sit quietly in green envy.

  7. I adore the fragrance of Star Magnolia...I can't wait to visit the gardens at Cheekwood to catch it's scent. It's a beauty! Speaking of fragrance those hyacinths must be making the garden scentilicious. gail

  8. Star Magnolia is a longshot in my zone three garden, yours looks wonderful!

  9. Drat those freezes that just keep coming. We have a low of 28 predicted for Thurs. night, too. Still, it did my heart good to see your Star Magnolia putting out those lovely blooms, and all those hyacinths just going to town. (My mom loves hyacinths, but gets frustrated because they don't come back up true -- or even at all sometimes -- after a couple of seasons. I'll have to tell her to give Delft Blue a try.)

  10. What a lovely sight these photos are on yet another snowy night. I can almost believe in spring when I look at them.

    BTW--still laughing about the box being made in China.

  11. My Magnolia Stellata is still waiting for warmer temperatures to bloom. Your pink one is lovely, mine is white. For me Magnolia Stellata is much prettier than regular magnolia...

  12. Oh, lucky you... All those beautiful colours!

    I think spring is about 1½ - two months away here:-(

    Lovely trellis in your last post.

    Cheers from Hillevissan i Sweden, Europe

  13. Looks like spring is on its way - and I'm so glad. Beautiful Hyacinths you have blooming in the ground. Can you plant them in the spring too. I have one in bloom and was wondering when to plant it.

    My daffs were planted late but are beginning to surface.

  14. I can't wait to see them coming up here! Daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses should be coming up in the next couple weeks...I hope!

  15. I am so jealous! We still have a ton of snow, but I did see some green of the daffodils coming up along the side of my house. It's a different climate there.

  16. I just love seeing spring arriving in others gardens. I wish I could smell those pretty hyacinths. Spring looks good in your beds.

  17. Looks like snow and rain to the west of us tomorow. Yolanda promised tonight on the news that we'll have rain tomorrow, freezes tomorrow night and the next:27 & 26F. Once hyacinths and daffodils bloom, they're tough but maybe not THAT tough. If the early ones get burned, there are many more buds coming on. Hyacinths Top Hit and Blue Jacket are hardly out of the ground yet.

  18. What I wouldn't give to sit next to those hyacinths and breath in their sweet scent. Nothing like their fragrance wafting in the breeze in the springtime.


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