Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ike's Big Camellia Adventure

Hai! A cat can do tricks, too. Can a dog make shadow pictures?

That's not a real bird, you know. Need to adjust the setting for white flowers?
Watch me now! Good thing I has claws.
Me Tarzan, You Jane?
The real challenge lies in getting down.
You do have the number for the fire department?

I'm headed for the big time, that ol' C. sasanqua ain't pretty since the freeze.
Too bad these really pretty ones don't has a flavor.
Buh Bye!


  1. Love the photo of your pretty black kitty Ike in the Camellia tree... Also love the lovely Camellia trees.

  2. Love your camellias and what a sweet kitty Ike is. They do like high places.


  3. Ike is adorable! And personable and smart, obviously. I'm a serious cat person (we have seven, only two of whom go outdoors without us) and yes, they love to adventure. Simon Q sleeps on the top of the fridge. Only because he can, near as we can tell.
    Love the camellias. Big sigh of envy from me, again.

  4. He looks so much like my recently deseased Skeeter. There are still bark shreds on the Florida leucothoe by my front door that he used to sharpen his claws.
    No one knows how to enjoy a garden like its resident cat!
    Great pictures.
    BTW - thanks for fave-ing my blog at

  5. Hope everything gets fixed at blotanical. As always, your post is wonderful. The pictures are great. jim

  6. The kitty is having a fun time snooping about. Taking in the beautiful Camellias.

  7. Aw, Ike is a sweetie. Love his personality and seeing a bit of his adventures. We have a black kitty, too, although ours is small and plump and could probably not manage those athletic feats in the tree branches!

    And no, Ike, dogs surely aren't clever enough to make shadow pictures. ;)

  8. He sure is having an adventure. I guess he wanted to see the flowers up really close!

  9. I love black cats and Ike reminds me of my cat Midnight, who sadly is no longer with us. He did not climb trees, but unfortunately, brought home many birds :( Your Camellias are so beautiful!

  10. Too cute kitty! looks like mine when she's scampering up the trees too! Such nice company in the garden aren't they?

  11. Ike has that same look in his eye that Belle gets sometimes. Makes you wonder what they are thinking.

    Beautiful camellias. You are so lucky!

  12. haha! Ike reminds me of my black cat, Betsy, and my stepdad's black cat, Buddy. Betsy climbed everywhere - trees, on the roof, you name it.

    I miss my Kitty Kat.

  13. Ike looks like a great cat. We had two black cats long before we had dogs. I bet Ike has lots of adventures! Does Ike like Buffy? Pretty camellias.

  14. Can't wait for the camellias to bloom here. Bootsie doesn't climb trees, he would rather watch. But then again, there are fewer trees around here for him to climb.

    Ike is gorgeous, love his great big eyes.


  15. Ike loves beautiful flowers, doesn't it?

  16. I love Ike's shadow pictures! He should post them on lolcats :) My kitty tried to jump the fence today and got stuck, poor dear!
    Looking forward to learning more from you about camellias so I can have mine looking their best.

  17. What a pity camellia flowers don't last longer - they are so beautiful. Love the one in the birdbath I do that with little flower heads too. Ike is fearless!


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