Friday, February 19, 2010

Is My Duranta, DEAD?

I have a number of what I think of as Texas Plants because I see them on the blogs of Texas bloggers: Esperanza, Pride of Barbados, Bulbine, to name a few.

Duranta erecta is commonly called Lilac-Flowered Golden Dewdrop, Brazilian Sky Flower, Duranta, Pigeon Berry, or Sky Flower. It is a rapidly growing type having dense, somewhat evergreen, foliage and lilac colored flowers. According to TAMU, it is treated as an annual in zone 8. I was hopeful that mine would return from the roots as Esperanza and Salvia leucantha usually does. The top part is completely dry and dead. This cold winter with so many consecutive freezing nights may have done in many of the near tropicals that I've enjoyed in the past.

A very small Duranta cozies up to 'Livin' Easy' rose.

When I bought a plant last summer, a very small piece broke off. I stuck it in a pot. It rooted. I still have that piece, so I'm hopeful of turning it into a 5 foot plant like the last one grew. It isn't blooming, but little yellow dew-drops hang off it now. I think new buds are forming at the end of one branch. Hurry, Spring!


  1. Roses have the best names, don't they?

    I've never before met Duranta, so thanks for introducing me.


  2. I was wondering if they would return or not. I have (had) two of them and I didn't save any clippings. One of my plumbagos is showing signs of life. Wait and see ... i guess.
    Thank you for the names on the last post.

  3. I never heard of Duranta and I hope that's it's not dead.. IF it is.. it's the prettiest purple dead flower I've ever seen. Lol

  4. I love golden dewdrops! They are the best butterfly plant in my garden! I've had two plants for many years. Every year, they appear dead after the first 32 deg night. But they come back from the roots in spring and are six foot tall again by the end of summer. I live in Zone 9 so I don't know if it applies to Zone 8. I'm always pushing the limits here.

  5. We're wondering the same thing down here in south central Texas: are those Durantas dead or only resting? I'll find out soon. I plan to start cutting back dead wood next week.

  6. I always doubt anything will come back! The duranta looks good to me though - and those colors are a perfect match, aren't theY?

  7. Your Duranta may not be dead. Just wait and see. Usually I wait and wait, and finally decide to pull the dead roots, only to find that they are busy sprouting after I dig it up. They do like it warm, so I would not be in a hurry.

    I have duranta that has never frozen, not even this year. I am really shocked that it still has leaves this year.

    My friends in Victoria have cut theirs back, and they are not dead.

    I have gaura in the garden again! I am so thrilled, as I figured everything would have to be replaces.

  8. ".....everything would have to be replaces."

    should read ".....everything would have to be replaced."

    I hate it when I do that!


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