Monday, February 8, 2010

Who's Minding the Garden?

Bloom Day is Just a Week Away!

A new Poll is on my Sidebar: Who does the Work in Your Garden?
Some of you are snowed in; some of us are able to work outside. February is a Fickle month.

If it is done from the seat of a machine, DH does it.
If it's done by hand, it's mostly the dog and me.

Recent polls revealed that 90 % of us refer to books for garden advice. Fifty seven per cent use University hort sites, 54% trust magazines and only 18% call their county agent. Nearly half take advice from popular garden writers.

Berries are the most popular garden fruits: Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, in that order.

I was surprised that figs are popular, not only in my garden.

Don't forget to indicate at top left on the sidebar who does the work in your garden.


  1. Good morning Nell ~ I'm the gardener here. DH does the hardscaping, and helps when I need help with heavy or awkward things.

    I am loving this time of year and hope to get things done before the heat and humidity get here.

    I planted some seeds last week and some have already sprouted. Yippee! I need to take some cuttings of other things to root.

    What are the white flowers in your screened room?


  2. I wondered if anybody could recognize that as a Hyacinth, Flowerlady? These hyacinths are not big and doubled like previous years' bulbs. White isn't the most spectacular, either, but it smells good.

  3. I do all the digging, pulling up and gardening.
    DH does the lawn.
    He would probably put in fake grass,if I let him and we would have a putt putt course. Seriously, he would like to get rid of it. We have three boys that like to play lacrosse in the backyard and we wouldn't take that away from them. Amy

  4. Hi, NellJean~~
    I do most of the garden work around here. Mr. P. helps out with some of the heavy lifting.

    You're right about February being fickle. We had warm spring-like days last week. This week is supposed to be cold and wet. I always want to plant too soon.

    My mother always said, be careful planting before Easter. There will always be an 'Easter Spell' of cold weather. She was right.

  5. We share the gardening tasks pretty evenly. Over time it's worked out by finding out what each of us likes to do. For example, I like starting the seeds, Susan likes transplanting the seedlings.

    Interesting results from the poll on where we get our gardening information and advice. More and more, we're getting great tips from gardeners in our blogging community. So, we're grateful for all their posts. Hank

  6. Mmm, I have Hyacinths blooming in my house right now too. I have never seen white ones. Love that smell.

  7. We are lucky to be some of the ones able to work outside right now.
    I checked off myself, husband and kids. But if you were to ask who does the majority it would be me. My husband does pond digging and the really big stuff and I do all the rest.

  8. Love your first picture - did you say it's a hyacinth? Very pretty.
    I use to do so much of the digging and did quite a few of the big gardens myself but now my body won't permit me to do as much and I feel bad that my husband does a lot more than I do. But between the two of us old sickies we're getting most of it done. LOL

  9. Hi Nell, thanks for stopping by my blog. My husband and I both work in the garden, and the dogs help tear it up :-).

    My husband takes care of the grass though.

  10. My DH provides the muscle and picks up after me once I am done pruning ;-) I love blackberries - I wonder where they place in the poll?

  11. I do all of the work myself, except for the heavy lifting, then Gar does that for me.

    I am really loving your polls, they are fun, and always interesting.


  12. We share the hand watering. The Ungardener (with occasional help) does the landscaping, tree planting, heavy hard work. I do the pruning, roses, fruit trees, and the small planting. We also share a little gentle weeding. Like ripping out a carpet of kikuyu grass runners!

  13. I am the gardener, though my son (the archaeologist who digs perfect holes), helped me tremendously on a few projects.

    My husband gets in my way! LOL :-) I replant marigolds that he thinks are weeds... he INSISTED on weed cloth in one section of the garden and that's the only time I curse when I garden... he changed my edging plan to the point that it no longer resembles anything that I had in mind!

    Oh well... it's his home, too! I'm just not going to say that he HELPS with gardening! LOL


  14. I do most of the flower garden work. Occasionally if my husband is bored, he'll surprise me by weeding my gardens for me :) He does most of the veggie gardening and all the lawn mowing. :)

  15. I do all of the gardening myself and invite our two horses mow the lawn. :)

  16. I do all of the gardening around here. Most of it is the flowers beds these days. Just a few veggies are grown.My son hauls the much for me but I spread it. f it was left up to him he would probably mow everything off. LOL! Good reason to put mulch around everything.

  17. Pat and I garden together. Pats the brains of the operation. I think the kids all left home because of the 10 yards of sweet peat we get every spring. jim

  18. Just me and whom ever I decide to hire when I need big help! Mr I doesn't care...that's the blessing and the curse! gail

  19. The Garden is all mine and all the work that comes with it is mine.
    Watering, weeding, pruning, replanting.
    No one cares for my garden except me.

    Strange isn't it?

  20. We are like you and your husband... I do the gardening and if there is a seat involved he does it. I think once he retires he will be more interested in projects. Every ten years or so he takes leave and we do something 'big' in the yard.
    At this time I decide what I want to do or change or plant or replant or ... or.... !! It works out well for us.

  21. To my delight my re-awakening interest in the garden has brought the rest of my little family along with it. Having said that, I think it will always be me who does the weeding!

  22. Love the white hyacinth! I do 90% of the garden work ... after all, it is MY garden. But I (and family and friends) are amazed how much DD has become interested and involved. I have NEVER mowed the lawn; I refuse to learn how to work the mowers.

    What happened to your name/URL option in "Choose an identity"? My google and blogger accounts don't take you to my PamsEnglishGarden blog on mac.

  23. Pam, I see your point.

    You asked about why I no longer have Name/URL on my comments -- it is the only way I could get rid of Anonymous comments. Those nasty creeps that use Anonymous to slip in their filth drove me to it.

    Not only does clicking on your name on your comment here not take me to your blog, but to a profile page that goes nowhere, but your listing in my blog roll goes to MobileMe which says you're not there. I have to work on this. (Wake up call to see who else isn't linking.)

    I can always go back to allowing anonymous comments and require the silly word verification or approval. So many complain about these measures, but when a bot ever picks you up, it's virtually impossible to stop their visits if anonymous is available. Wonder why Blogger doesn't realize this and just get rid of anonymous comments?

  24. Hi Nell, I do all my gardening work except for mowing the small patch of lawn back, that is done by my hubby. My kids & spouse help move dirt and flagstone when I build more paths and gardens. I also maintain and design gardens for others, so I get lots of gardening in! Kathy


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