Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Round of Necessary Perennials

Yesterday's Poll listed some of the more popular perennials, not all. There's an additional Poll to include more, still not all. There are numerous tropicals not included but I added some that commonly grow in temperate gardens in Texas, California and some of the Gulf Coast states, sometimes as annuals in colder areas.
Pride of Barbados and Tecoma stans


Omitted are some biennials, bulbs, shrubs and vines left for another time. Included is caryopteris. I successfully rooted some caryopteris once from Miss Billie's plants. They drowned when we had a flooding rain, before I figured out about the low spots in the upper garden. A cutting makes a great hanging basket, too.

I also placed geranium and pelargoniums near one another, so you can decide whether you grow true geraniums or pelargoniums that we in the South call geraniums. There's a common shrubby plant grown in the South that some call 'Porch Geranium' -- do you know what it is?

Please don't forget to tick off your perennials in the new Poll .


  1. Thank you for making these polls about perennials. It's interesting for me to see what people have in their borders:-)

  2. In the first one I checked off all but 3 and quite a few in the second poll. Your Pentas sure do attract butterflies. I don't know much about that plant, but if it attracts butterflies I need to look into it.

  3. Well this regional list cut me way back. Think I just had three in this list.

  4. Hi;
    Great list -- my high plains dessert garden grows most of these. No ferns, unfortunately, though I love 'em.

  5. It's interesting to note how people have voted! Do dicentra and bergenia have trouble down South - we love them in New England! The pentas are tempting to grow as annuals here - butterfly city!

  6. pentas and butterflies are made for each other ~bangchik

  7. The butterflies sure love those Pentas!

  8. Your pentas look so elegant and tall - like a dandelion.
    Mine turn like a twisted shrub with dead-head dried branches and all over, just re-propagate them last week.

  9. Thank you for adding more plants to your poll. I love Pride of Barbadoes and Tecoma stans. I have quite a few in my backyard and I can't wait to see their bright flowers once the weather warms :^)

  10. The lovely pentas are only grown as annuals here in zone 4. I planted some a few years ago and they didn't do well. I think our summers are even too cool for them.

    This is my first time hearing of porch geraniums.



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