Friday, March 5, 2010

Got Blooms? They Are on the Way

It's hard to wait until everything is in full, glorious bloom to show that Spring is arriving. I've wanted to display every little daffodil, single stems of hyacinth, lone Camellias. The Show was a little fuller on Thursday.

So many photos, so little room, I made collages.
Magnolia Stellata 'Leonard Messel'

Most of the daffodils are yet to bloom. Juanita, Erhlicheer, Ice Follies and some others have buds.
Many are still just foliage, some taller than others. The green, green grass is annual rye, overseeded.

Tete a Tete in the upper garden

The clumps of solid blue are Blue Delft. Blue Jacket is hardly out of the ground.
The mixed hyacinths came in bags of mixed bulbs.
Top right are from last year, the bulbs not the picture.

Flowering Quince

This is the gaudiest Camellia in the garden.

Like the daffodils, many Camellias are still in tight buds.
These two are always the first C. japonicas open, along with Mathotiana,
which was badly damaged by the cold. Bottom left is a topiary ball.

Coming soon to a garden nearest you, Glorious Spring!


  1. Beautiful!! I noticed that my neighbour's flowering quince is out. I probably have another week and a half on my daffodils, and they're done :( But on to spring we go! It's going to be beautiful here this weekend.

  2. You've got some beautiful signs that spring is definitely on the way! Lovely photos.

  3. I can see why you wanted to post every single petal on every single bloom...gorgeous spring colors!!

  4. Dear NellJean, When there is generally so little to see I do feel that one is encouraged to look much more closely and to treasure every flower one has. Later, in summer, one is almost overwhelmed so we must all make the most of it now.

  5. Oh your flowers are gorgeous!!! I love the Hyacinths especially- makes me want to plant more of them!!

  6. Lovely collages, Nell Jean. I've done your polls, and heaved a gentle sigh at a couple of the things you've included as perennials. Heliotrope is only annual here but I love it. Russian sage hates me, because it despises winter wet. So I just sigh over it in gardens with better drainage than mine. Meanwhile, the snowplow just went down by....

  7. It looks beautiful!
    I’m still waiting for my magnolia stellata to bloom.
    I love Quince lowers. I have quince, but never noticed flowers... do they all come in red color or can be white or pink? They are lovely!

  8. Oh Nell...the Magnolia and Camellia flowers in your garden are my favorites :^)

  9. I see flowers. I feel cold. It's coming. I'm probably two weeks behind you right now in terms of blooms. Next week, aside from the rain, it will be very nice. I expect a lot of new blooms by the 15th.

    I bet those hyacinths smell wonderful.

  10. Lovely spring flowers! I do get so jealous of those bulbs we can't grow here. And I'm a little green-eyed as well over your M. stellata, as I left my specimen back in the Atlanta garden so many years ago. : ( By the way, there is no such thing as a gaudy camellia!!!!!!

  11. Nell, It's too early for blooms here yet (but I'm excited about some bright green new foliage), so thanks for sharing yours. :-) -Jean

  12. Yes, so hard to wait! Your spring blooms are beautiful, though. Very nice to see the hyacinths...I miss them!

  13. I see spring here too. I feel so left out, as I cannot grow lavender here; one or two varieties, but not really pretty, or worth the work. On the other hand, we can grow heliotrope, and the fragrance is heavenly!

  14. Oh yes, it's coming, no doubt about it. I love how your hyacinths look. So cheery. All the daffs too. I've been told the Magnolia stellatas are blooming here but I've yet to see them. Your bulbs blooming and the rye grass makes me think of Easter!

  15. Beautiful harbingers of spring!

    I love the hyacinths most...maybe because I have none and don't know why.

  16. I am one who would happily look at pictures of each new daffodil, hyacinth and camellia!

  17. Spring has truly came to your garden. I love your camellia's. Does you flowering quince smell terrific?

  18. I haven't noticed any fragrance to the flowering quince. What does smell good these days is 'Sweetness' daffodils. It lives up to its name.


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