Monday, March 1, 2010

March Came in like a Lamb

The phone rang. A neighbor said, into my sleepy ear, that there was a suspicious vehicle just beyond our south driveway. He'd seen it stopped near two other houses down the road about three miles and now it appeared to be checking us out. Unable to find my slippers I padded to a window where I could see nothing but foliage in the early morning light. I opened the front door and listened. I heard a starter grinding. I went to report to DH. When I came back, I could still hear a starter turnng over. Finally it roared into life and an old Jeep SUV crept past the house, engine surging.  A church was broken into five miles down the road this past weekend. We all get paranoid.

I finished pruning the roses today and hauled off the debris with Buffy's help. Naturally after I came inside, I looked back at last year's rose pics to assure myself that those bare sticks I left will become a delight, come May and June.

I planted the first of my GROW nasturtiums, rescued some lily bulbs that Buffy found and scattered, pruned dead sticks and grass tops from all over the garden, stood and stared, pruned some boxwoods, transplanted two rooted aucuba cuttings and two spent forced hyacinths, and surveyed the daffodils.

Little Gem and Sweetness are blooming together, two of the earliest. Pink Charm, Juanita and Ice Follies have fat buds. Tete a Tete is blooming in spots, has no buds yet in others. Tahiti is just coming out of the ground, both newly planted and established bulbs. There's a large cupped yellow daffodil starting to open in the front. I don't remember whether those are named bulbs or from a mix.

The same daffodils were already blooming February 23, 2009. Extended cold made them later.
large cup daffodils

Rain is predicted for tomorrow. After that, freezing temps at night again. Spring is slow coming, despite the daffodils. Weeds are coming up. Seedlings of larkspur and poppies are in evidence. I can hardly wait.


  1. Lovely, Nell Jean;-) I can't wait, either!

  2. I love all of the signs of spring...even the weeds ;^)

  3. Wish our spring was close...word has it we might have snow.
    Sorry to hear about the vandals. We had a house broken into on our street...makes us all a bit paranoid.

  4. Those roses look great!
    Good luck in the spring coming. Hope it comes very soon.

  5. Your post makes me ready for spring to come on... it's taking its sweet time this year; isn't it?

    I do hope your area stays safe. I don't think it's paranoid to pay attention (I've worked a long time in the legal profession), and I'm glad your neighbor is keeping an eye out for you. Community ties and awareness of normal patterns are the best defense in many cases. :)

  6. Roses do tend to go from worst to first in the garden. Thanks for the reminder - they are worth the trouble!

  7. Not paranoid, alert and cautious! We actually had someone park at the end of our driveway yesterday morning, blocking it, when the flash of my camera went off, well, they left! I did some clean up around the gardens this past weekend and a lot of standing and staring..

  8. You're a good mystery writer. I was really into the old Jeep SUV story.

    Of all the outdoor chores you accomplished the one I liked best was "stood and stared".....I'm good at that one, too.

    It has snowed on my blooming daffodils many times over the years. They don't seem to mind a bit.


  9. Paying attention to unknown cars creeping past our property is not paranoia, it is wise. To hear of your daffodils brings joy to my heart. Extended cold is for sure delaying the daffs here, nary a bloom and it's March already! We long for them to open, it means spring is here, no matter the temps. Right at the moment, snow is falling.

  10. It is wise to pay attention. When the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, don't ignore the instinct.

    I worked n the garden yesterday. Hubby and archaeologist son helped shovel the decorative small river rock on top of the drainage rock in the French drain that we finally had to install this winter. It looks good, but this project put a dent in my retiree wallet, so I've been doing more paid writing in the last week!

    Scattered some seeds yesterday, too. Still haven't cut back my grasses. They aren't showing enough green shoots at the base. I could detect tiny green shoots at the base of some of my herbaceous agastache.

    Snow is forecast for tonight. Is there no end to this?


  11. It pays to be on the alert! always.

    Nice to see spring beginning to happen somewhere! Our first day of March was pretty cold and cloudy.

    I may get a day or two at the end of the week to prune and spray. I hope so.

  12. I don't blame you for checking things out. All kinds of crazy stuff going on. I always enjoy seeing your flowers. You must have a green thumb.

  13. Hi Nell. Will it can go out like a lamb too. I am sure no one will complain. After breaks ins near your home you usually start watching everyone coming and going as potential robbers. LOL! If someone will steal from a church you can be sure they will steal from any place. Sad.
    That is a pretty rose Nell. I bet Buffy had to hold down the debris in the wagon. LOL!

  14. I would look forward to seeing those roses. They are beautiful! I do a lot of standing and staring, too.
    Always good to be aware and have neighbors that are aware of what is going on in your neighborhood. I have larkspur seedlings coming up, also. I have never had them before and I am looking forward to seeing them. Always enjoy your posts, NellJean.

  15. Hopefully March will crawl in with a definite promise, allowing only Spring to get through, never allow snowing winter to pop in again and again, while the mood is getting high. ~bangchik

  16. I actually saw it spitting snow today! It is March and we live in the Deep South so come on Spring! My daffys are still budding but soon I hope to see the blooms...

  17. I just did some rose pruning last week :) I don't know if it really does any roses are so infested with blackspot it's ridiculous. :( They looks nice for May, and then after that, they're pitiful...

  18. Your roses were beautiful last year! I am certain with your loving care they will do just as well this year. Gardening sure is a lot of work. I love it! We had heavy rain last night and very cold temps. But winter is winding down, and the daffodils tell us it will soon be gone.

  19. I have nothing but Mud in my yard with patches of melting ice here and there..Nothing is blooming at the moment in my neck of the woods, If it is.. I don't see it Lol...

    It takes spring a long time to come
    here in Michigan, but I guess I can take mud and melting snow as a positive sign that spring won't be long.

    Sorry that there are vandals lurking around in the area..

    I hope they are found soon and since they broke into a church I hope they get hit by a large vault of lighting for breaking in a house of worship.... are wise to be cautious do not take it as paranoia!


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