Monday, March 1, 2010

Muse Day, March one

A Clearing in the Woods
by Thomas P. Lynch

You have come into a clearing in the wood
and want to live your life out, here, alone,
joyous and remote among the catbirds

letting the light fall on you and the shade
in hourly changing angles as a grace
endlessly descending among tree limbs

while growing in you is the will to grow
mindless of the niggling everyday
profusion of detail by which you know

uselessly the names and dates and shape of things.
After a while, you will begin to sing.
Harmless and plentiful you make the sounds

Bent on nothing that does not bend with ease
you and your song rise in the leafy air
chancy as bass spawn in a mallard’s underwings.

Thomas Lynch, “A Clearing in the Woods” from Skating With Heather Grace. Copyright © 1986 by Thomas Lynch.

Muse Day is hosted by Carolyn Gail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago


  1. Just beautiful. The dog and the plane sure add to the sentiments as well. I'm on my way to find a clearing this morning. I'll think of this.

  2. One of my favorite colors is the beautiful golden color of dormant grass in the winter... green is nice (and I am looking forward to seeing more of it at the present for certain!) but the various shades of yellow are so peaceful...

  3. A beautiful poem, NellJean! I am ready for spring and a chance to go out into my own little clearing and "let the light fall" on me. Happy Muse Day!

  4. Hi, NellJean;
    I've not heard of this poem before but I can certainly relate. That first line totally speaks to me... :)
    Happy Muse Day!

  5. Nice post. I'd be picking your post if I could only find a way. I messaged Jean up in Maine. maybe she can help. jim

  6. Nice serene calm enviornment.
    What a beautiful scene.


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