Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Many Blogs, So Little Time

Results of the Poll on keeping up with our Fav Blogs:

Of 40 respondents, 24 (60%) keep a Blog Roll on their Sidebar
Sixty percent Click on those who leave a comment.

Only 16 (40%) use feeds -- this is one of my favorite ways of keeping up with blogs. Blogs with new posts show up in bold print. The background and sidebar is not visible in the reader, just the new post with no frills. If it needs a comment, clicking on the title takes you to the blog.

Blotanical Lists are a tool used by only 42% of those voting. I'm wondering if downtime and the renovations have skewed this?

Only one person voting uses another membership site.

Blog rolls of others are used by 35%. That is a way to find new blogs to visit, as if being recommended.

Almost half are Followers.  I confess that I sometimes forget to go and look at the list of people I'm Following after I've clicked on Commenters, checked my Blogroll, and scrolled through the Feeds.

Only 5 of 40 subscribe by email to the blogs of others. I set my blog so that comments come to my email, quicker than scrolling through comments over and over, but I don't have blog posts of others sent. Isn't it amazing how many emails accumulate in such a short time?


  1. I finally got to you through Blotanical.I have Jean in Maine yo thank. I apologize for the delay. jim

  2. Interesting feedback - I think I'll have to look into 'feeds' in a bit more detail. I find it frustrating that my blog does not seem to be able to show latest posts on the blogroll (although this may just be my ignorance of how to set it up right) and with this function down on Blotanical I keep missing posts!

  3. After reading your post, I think I am still living in the Dark Ages. I'd better learn how to use Feeds. I am still scrolling and visiting via comments which takes a lot of my time, so I have a lot of backlog and homework to do. :(

  4. I use an updating blogroll on the sidebar. But always get distracting when visitng other people's blogs and seeing their lists. Gosh, there are just too many good writers out there! x

  5. I wish that Wordpress had a updating sidebar like Blogger has. You can keep track only of other Wordpress blogs. I tend to use a Feedburner, for blogs other than gardening. Blotanical has always been my go to, but the last few weeks have been frustrating.

  6. Interesting stats from your poll.

  7. How can people live without feeds? google reader the FIRST place I go when I turn on my computer -- it allows me to easily keep up with literally dozens of blogs.
    Blogger also let you subscribe to a feed of comments -- I added that to google reader, and now new comments show up along with new posts from other blogs, so I never miss a comment, and never have to scroll around looking for them.

  8. Nell, It was so much fun checking off what perennials I have in my garden~Thank you, I am starting to feel a little excitement, despite the cold, gray day!

    I have a blog roll, but use my Firefox Bookmark program to keep up with posts. It lists the last ten posts on each blog and I can pop over to any of them. I love Blotanical, but it's too slow and with so many fantastic blogs I have to maximize my time these days.


  9. I didn't realize how much I rely on blotanical for my garden blog fix until it was unavailable. Thankfully, some of the lists are working again, this morning. I've missed your interesting and informative posts.

    The new poll was an eye opener. My garden, with most of the plants in it, is still in the infant stages. Even if they are tiny, and mostly grown from seed or bought as babies at local garden club sales, I have more varieties than I realized. When they mature and reproduce, the garden might not be too shabby.

  10. I am just put out with Blotanical, I don't know if I will participate like I did again. I get so frustrated with it, and now it will not go to blogs by A-L or whatever. Well, it will go there, but will not show any blogs. Just a blank page. I am wondering what it was they were trying to fix in the first place.

    I am disheartened.

    Thanks for the list of perennials, I had forgotten about some, and you tweaked my memory of some to add to their numbers this year.

    What is Bergenia? I probably need that. It sounds lovely.

  11. Interesting results.

    I'm new to gardening and even more so to using Blotanical. It's a little quirky sometimes, but I like the idea and the networking. I just set up feeds based upon yours and your readers' suggestions. We'll see how it works. I need to figure out Google reader, too!


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