Thursday, March 11, 2010

Step Up to a Show of Daffodils

Back in the winter, Buffy and I carved a path through the Azaleas to the Upper Garden. The steps were already in place. We tweaked them just a bit.

At the top of the steps, the view is of Daffodils in the distance. We're working on the summer view even now. Well, I am. Buffy is zealously digging to catch the voles that eat our lilies. When she finishes, the lilies and daylilies get a big scoop of compost and a little eulogy, just in case.

Once we're out of the azalea path, daffodils are everywhere.
Some are in bloom, some in bud, some just emerging.

Ice Follies

I think the one with orange cup is Juanita.
Little Gem and Sweetness in the background.

Above and below, the fairy garden with Tete a Tete
I had to remove the trinkets because Buffy loves ceramics.

Jetfire and Tete a Tete

February Gold
February Gold looking in another direction.
The floppy foliage in the background is Lycoris radiata.


  1. Oh, how pretty! I love daffodils; they're such nice flowers. And they're a colourful reminder that spring is here!

  2. I love all the patches of daffodils in a nautralized, woodland setting :D

  3. This is a great area. The Daffs make me smile.

  4. So nice to have a destination at the end of that pretty path. Buffy loves ceramics - how tiresome for you!

  5. Nice to see the daffodils! Hopefully they will be blooming soon here. I like the stone step idea.

  6. I like the Ice Follies a lot -- a "sunny side up" look. Very pretty. Have you tried any that are supposed to be pink? I haven't, but wonder if they eventually become orange.

  7. Sounds like Buffy is enjoying the nice weather outside. Your daffodils have a nice setting. Nice view from the steps.

  8. I just love seeing them growing in drifts where their beauty is obvious even at a distance.

  9. Nell, now that I'm finished laughing about your fried spam, I can leave my comment.

    I just love your property, and it looks like a wonderful place for Buffy. My favorite photos in this post are the one with the daffs at the end of the path, and the one of Buffy running in the background.

    Our kitchen remodel is next week. I am so excited!

  10. The stone steps are so nice. They look natural and so inviting! Yep, the daffodils are finally blooming here as well. I think the Vole got some of the bulbs as I dont see any coming up in another planter. Can you send Buffy my way for a bit to chase them away? OJ the cat next door has been slow at getting them lately...

    The azaleas are beautiful. Our area is full of them in many different varieties. The most beautiful collection I have ever seen is on the Augusta National Golf Course where they hold the Masters tournament in April. I can only wonder if they will open on time this year as we have had some strange cold winter temps...

  11. Oh how pretty Nell. I love how you fixed your path as a window to the blooms.You daffodils are so cheery and pretty. I need Buffy to get this ground mole that is going through the yard now. Have to get out the grub killer again.

  12. Thanks for taking us on your daffodil walk, Nell Jean. You have a wonderful collection! Yay for Spring!

  13. What a beautiful path! My favorites are tete-a-tete and February Gold. Loved the eulogy with a scoop of compost. ;) And I'm sure Buffy makes it an amusing walk every time.

  14. Such a beautiful view, Nell Jean! A mass planting of daffodils like this is like a spring paradise. Congrats to Buffy on getting rid of the voles. My Sophie likes to dig for them, too, but somehow the plants often get in the way:)

    I noticed your plant list on your sidebar--we have some similar tastes! Last year was the first year for nasturtiums, parsley, and pineapple sage for me, and now they're going to find a place in my garden every year.

  15. That's just the dose of yellow I needed to get through this raining, foggy day. Rain is good though...washing away the winter.

    I always enjoy reading about Buffy's antics.


  16. The daffs are beautiful. I love how they are scattered naturally here and there.

    Mine are just beginning. I bought them as a package from White Flower Farm so don't know the individual names but love them anyway.

  17. How lovely!! I love how you always give us a good view... nice to step up into your daffodil garden.

  18. I like the azalea path and how it opens to a view of the daffodils. Daffodils just make me smile!


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