Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why Is Buffy Laughing?

An exuberant Buffy

Notice the wet fur? Buffy went into the syrup kettle water feature,
but that isn't why she's laughing.

Buffy is smiling because she's sitting in Violas again.
I was making pics of violas and hyacinths
when Buffy bounded up, fresh from a dip in the water.

Violas, 'Peter Stuvesant' hyacinth and a California poppy seedling
I feel better about having chickweed since I saw a honeybee today, busy at the chickweed flowers. Hot sun will take out the chickweed here soon, probably before I get it all pulled.
I keep reminding myself that when we get past these few last days of freezing temps for a few hours during the night, we still haven't reached the official last frost date of March 15, or the last  expected frost date of April 15 which happens more often than I care to think of. Camellias are winter flowers. Azaleas and dogwoods will bloom late in March, heralding spring.
It isn't Spring until the pecan trees leaf out, despite all other signs.


  1. For me, it's not spring until the dogwoods are leafed out. I don't care about when they bloom, but when the leaves are finally covering the bare branches. That usually happens in mid April. I think this year, it's going to be late. I barely see the swollen buds of their flowers.

    Chickweed all over here too. I like to think of it as a living mulch. It won't last much into May.

  2. She thinks you are taking her photo and not the violas. Our dog, Ivy thinks the same thing when I take out my camera.
    She loves to sit on your pretty flowers. :)

  3. It's interesting how we all have the plants that we watch for to know it's officially Spring. For me, it's the Crepe Myrtles...

  4. Buffy is funny, helping and clowning for the camera. What a good helper.

    Like Darla, it's the crepe myrtles that start leafing out for us in the spring. There are other flowering trees that happen around here, one is pink, but I don't know the name of it. Have seen it around town and it's really pretty.

    Enjoy the beginning of your springtime Nell. Your gardens with or without Buffy are always a treat.


  5. Buffy is so cute. She wants to be in the picture, in the midst of the action -- and wherever you are paying attention, no doubt. :)

  6. Buffy is too funny, sitting there, all pretty "see I'm a pretty flower too"! I do hope your violas aren't too worse for the wear. My dogs have a similar style of gardening!

  7. That Buffy has a flower fetish or set-ish. LOL!

  8. I think Buffy is just tampin' those Viola's in for you.

  9. Buffy knows how to get some attention and she must like when the camera comes out. She is very photogenic. Your violas are looking bright and perky.

  10. Buffy just knows you'll love her anyway, even if she sits on your flowers :) A good dog'll do that! lol

  11. That sure is a big grin. Happy spring to you both!

  12. Buffy is laughing over the violas, and I am laughing because I can't keep up with you! I miss one day of checking your posts, and there are three new posts to read! Good stuff!

    I tried to take the poll on shrubs, and I don't have a single one of those shrubs. So, I tried to vote to indicate that, and it wouldn't take my negative vote.


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