Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beauties in the Wild

Carolina Jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) decorates woods' edge with festoons of yellow blossoms.
Sometimes I don't see them high in the trees
until I see fallen blooms on the ground.
These grew near the ground where I could get close.

Native to the Coastal plain, very fragrant.

Native evergreen Carolina Cherry Laurel (Prunus caroliniana).
Some have grown as tall as 30 feet along woods' edge.
Cherry laurel fruits are attractive to birds, poisonous to humans.

Wild plums (Prunus americana), above and below.

These are just three of the most noticeable natives in bloom now.


  1. NellJean: You are lucky to be able to see so many beauties in the wild. That wild plums tree is magnificent in full blossom. I love that cheerful carolina jasmine.

  2. You have a lot of pretty views all around you! How nice to actually have some open space.
    The last photo is very pretty! Driving around Austin, I have noticed all the pretty redbud trees. Also, I love the chartreuse color of new growth on some of the trees.

  3. I was going to mention the redbuds here in NC too. They bloom in concert with the wild plums. It makes driving the interstates a lot more pleasant. In a week, the dogwoods will be in full bloom and the trees are starting to leaf out already. I love spring!

    Where I grew up, we had Carolina Jasmine growing wild. I have a piece started for my perennial bed arbor. No blooms this year as it was very cold and I lost a great deal of the vine. But it is putting out new leaves.

  4. How lovely to have Carolina Jessamine decorating your woods! Those are the best kind of flowers...the ones that take care of themselves. I love to see the blossoms of the wild trees and shrubs.
    You have some beauties in your area.
    I enjoyed seeing your gorgeous Loropetalums. Such beautiful shrubs. The pink is so vibrant.
    Spring has sprung so beautifully in your little corner of the world. The mayhaws around the pond are as pretty as a picture.
    Happy spring, NellJean!

  5. Carolina Jasmine is so rampant, but so pretty this time of year.

  6. NellJean, You live in a beautiful area. You have inspired me to look around my neighborhood for native "beauties in the wild".

  7. Those are beautiful natives! Love that wild plum!

  8. Such pretty "wild" beauties. I have seen that cherry laurel around here and wondered what it was. Thanks for enlightening me. I wish I had one or two.

  9. I didn't know there is a native cherry laurel, I'm going to research it. Of course, it sounds like it's an East Coast native, and might not work here in the PNW, but I still think it is worth a look. Here we have lots and lots of English laurel, and it gets huge, and I believe, is also on the nasty non-native invasives list.

  10. I love that last picture of a plum tree!
    We had a long winter, so trees and bushes are still not in full bloom here.

  11. Your native plum is a beauty with all those flowers - almost like a little hovering white cloud!

  12. Our Carolina Jasmine is just starting to plump up and then open. I ended up putting one on the old wooden swingset. I like it.
    Love all the spring blooms.

  13. Very pretty and perfect for Easter Weekend.

  14. Nell Jean, what fabulous Easter blooms! You're speaking to my heart when you feature the Carolina Jasmine...I have one and it has been in bloom since December!! This has been a long growing season for it due to our unseasonably cool temps. See, there's a silver lining to every cloud, right?! My CJ is not only producing the showiest blooms right now but also the most amazingly sweet perfume!! I'll be sad to see it rest for the year, but am thrilled at it's display. Your plum photo is awesome to...a spray of white in the trees. Fabulous!!

  15. The wild plum is gorgeous! I had a lovely plum tree for years, until it was uprooted in a storm. Seeing your photo reminds me how much I miss it. Have a happy Easter!

  16. Lovely spring pictures. I can almost smell the amazing fragrance-G

  17. I don't remember Carolina Jasmine being around in years past... but all of a sudden they are showing up in my shrubs and I have noticed them in the tops of trees lately. We brought in mulch from the land fill.. I wonder if the seeds were in it?


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