Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog Poll: How Do You Choose Blogs to Read?

Do you choose the blogs you'll read from a List on Your Sidebar? Maybe from the Lists on Other Bloggers' Sidebars? Do you use a Feed? Followers List?

If you are a member of Blotanical, do you read and pick from Your Faved Blog list, or 200 Most Faved? New Blogs and the Alphabetical Lists, do you look at them?

Maybe you have just a very few blogs on your Menu Bar for quick reads? Maybe you belong to another site with links to Blogs.

The Poll is at the top on my Sidebar.

April first blossoms in my garden:
Late planted Daffodils, blooming late.
Wisteria is starting to open.

Dogwood is in almost full flower.

Hawera, the prettiest late mini daffodil.

Thalia: late, fragrant, beautiful with loropetalum.

Bath's Pinks. Fragrant. Love that blue foliage.

Buffy is glad the birds have fresh water.
The birds are greatful for nearby cover.

The very last daffodil to open.

Please indicate your Choices in the Poll on the Sidebar.
You can check as many as apply.


  1. Just took the votes :) Love the Hawera and Thalia!

  2. I think I will have to try some new daffodils - I'm getting bored with just tete a tetes in the front garden.

    I've entered your poll Nell Jean and ticked 4 boxes but its the Followers list and Blotanical that I glean from the most.

  3. Thank you for id-ing the Hawera...I lost her label years ago! I hope Thalia makes an appearance here...Just planted her last fall. They are lovely in your garden~~Is wisteria manageable~~It's a thug here!

    I use a bookmark program that helps me keep track of posts~~I almost never use my bloglist...I often link from comments on other blogs; especially to new to me bloggers and I do use blotanical lists.

  4. It will be interesting to see how your poll turns out. I love N. Thalia. It's one of my favorites.

  5. I came here through Blotanical alphabetical today, and am glad I visited - completed the poll and admored your beautiful narcissi.

  6. Your garden scenes are so picturesque, they could be put on an Easter card. I took your poll - sidebar and faved blogs are what I usually read :-)

  7. Nell Jean, I had the urge to squeal out loud when I saw your wisteria. We are not far behind you, and I've already been longing for them, sniffing the air each day for a hint of their evocative scent. Lovely selection of blooms!

    I read blogs very erratically lately, trying to first visit my own commenters' blogs, and then catch up on Blotanical, where I tend to go first to my faved blogs, then newbie blogs, and sometimes to the individual lists. Spring has put a kink in my usual picking. ;) The other weekend, I tried going alphabetically through my blogroll... but only made it through the Gs before I ran out of time. :)

  8. Buffy looks very happy! Our dogwoods are just starting to open, but after 90 degrees today, they may fry!

    I find blogs from folks who visit my blog, leave comments and have blogs, too. I also find blogs on Blotanical.

    As for reading blogs--I do that from my sidebar which has the title feeds, so I can see when someone has a new post and how recent.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  9. Neil Jean,

    Lovely daffs our hawera has not opened yet. Loved all the latest daffodils, we have new ones to.

  10. Our daffodils just bloomed and the dogwood just has buds. Great pics and post. jim

  11. Thank you all for coming by. It isn't truly spring, I realized today. Pecan trees are still standing there all naked, waiting for spring before they send out blooms and leaves.

    Wisteria is a thug that has to be controlled with heavy machinery. I do not allow it to attach itself to any structure or a tree.

    I think this has been the best year EVER for daffodils.

  12. There's that cute Buffy, looking innocent and mischievous all at the same time.

    Daffodils blooming here, too.


  13. That Dogwood is so pretty Nell Jean (and of course so is Buffy the dog!).
    I'm back to being almost 100% reliant on my faves lists at Blotanical, as my blogroll doesn't update with new posts. Otherwise I'm pretty random, sometimes following links from other people's blogs and sometimes checking out new and most faved blogs on Blotanical. I want to read and soak up more new to me blogs, but it becomes tricky to keep up doesn't it?

  14. I mainly use my own blog list on my sidebar, but when I do visit Blotanical I use my faved blogs, and the new bloggers.

  15. aloha,

    thats an interesting poll, i do it all, first i see the most pop picks and read those, and the same with the newbies, then the pop favs, then my blog roll then google reader and then others blog roll, its a never ending all the blooms in your garden :)


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