Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blogs with Bling or Plain Text with Pics?

There's a new Poll on the Sidebar concerning what you have in your blog's Sidebar and following your posts. This  relates to coming changes on Blotanical. A similar poll is on my daily Dotty Pants blog with a post about the soon-to-come changes on Blotanical concerning how we read posts there.

I read blogs that are not on Blotanical in an RSS feed. I enjoy reading simple black on white text with blue titles and the accompanying photos.  I know how much trouble it takes to assemble a stunning blog. I get tired of my own blog and frequently trial some new colors, a new header, bling for the Sidebar. I get more tired of waiting for blogs to load.

Photos will still load, if I read correctly. I do so look forward to new pics on everyone's post.

I have new pics: Cecile Brunner rose has finally commenced to climb the Stick House.

Little Sweetheart Rose buds are so sweet.


  1. I like to have a few random pictures in my blog's sidebar. Nothing too crazy. And as far as having a fancy background/layout, I'm not tech savvy enough to do that (although I envy some that I see on the blogs of others). ;)

  2. I've always enjoyed visiting your blog, Nell Jean. I enjoy photos like these, and informative posts with little or no pictures. I change mine around too...adding 'stuff' to the sidebars and then removing it when I think it's 'too much' or something I no longer want. Our blogs are PERSONAL. That's what makes them so special. I'll check out your poll. Lovely roses you have there! And that stick-house is more than amazing;-)

  3. I prefer a simple looking blog ... I find those blogs with bits and pieces everywhere just too distracting. I visit blogs for the posts and the photos that go with the post ... so I really don't pay much attention to anything else. Mine is rather simple ... I could only click on 7 of your bling choices!

  4. Thanks for summarizing the Blotanical changes on your other blog. (I really didn't know). I read new posts, and leave comments, from my blogroll. I decide who I am going to pick, then go on to Blotanical and make my picks without needing to read the posts there. This method works for me. Glad your rose is flowering ... your stick house is great!

  5. What a lovely idea! a rose house! You are so clever to figure out how so many things work. I admire that

  6. Your stick house is unique, Nell Jean! And those rose buds are so elegantly simple, or simply elegant?
    As for the blogs' simplicity, mine has text, pictures and no sidebars.

  7. I like simple better. If it takes too long to load, I move one.....

    I am not clever enough to do much with my blog. I have enough trouble just adding pictures or changing the picture with my header!

    I need Blogger lessons.

    I always enjoy yours.

  8. That stick house is a gem!

    Beautiful rose of course.

  9. Hello Nell,

    I think blogs are an expression of our individual personalities and hence they are all different. I like the layout of some more then others, which I expect is normal.

    I love your blooming rose. What a beautiful part of your April garden.

  10. Now, after taking the poll, I need to reaccess my sidebar again. I look for additional info from other blogger's sidebars. I use mine as a canvas where I put my favourite things and try out new features/gadgets. The internet is moving so fast, it is hard to keep up with the latest in technology. In blogging, my time is divided between researching, writing posts, frying spam (as how you put it nicely!), and learning new techno*. On this*, I think I'm quite slow, still fumbling around after the crowd has left for other newer digs.

    Now, I wanna pluck some of your lovely pastel pink roses for my sweetheart!

  11. I try to keep my blog layout simple with a plain background and simple text.

    I added extra blog "pages" and had those listed on my sidebar, but am trying the list across the top. However, I think they look like ad links instead of my blog pages, so I may move those back to the sidebar.

    When I visit other blogs, I really don't look at the sidebars unless I'm trying to find a previous topic that the blogger wrote about.

    As for Blotanical picks--I read by clicking from my sidebar blogroll, then go pick posts sometime later in the day.

    However, I'm not a daily picker as it takes time. Since I don't pick often, I don't get picked often. It does seem to be quid pro quo, but I blog to share information and am not competitive. If you asked me right now what's my rank, I honestly don't know!

    The advantage of Blotanical to me has been to read interesting blogs and "meet" interesting gardeners; learn; be inspired; not compete with rankings and picking.


    PS I really find it difficult to read any blog/web page with a black background. I am glare sensitive and the contrast is too much for me.

  12. Primarily blogs belong to the owner. Some treat blogs as journal for their own record, some go further and make blogs presentable to others as well. Definitely photos helps...

  13. I've enjoyed changing my layout around lately and will probably continue to change things up at whim. Since gardening is no longer my only hobby I mostly enjoy the posts with photos and a little narrative ~ don't have time to read long articles. I love all of the creative backgrounds and layouts I'm seeing, they're inspirational to me.

  14. Hello Nell-Jean and thanks for explaining about the changes, the more technical stuff went right over my head!
    My blog is relatively plain, which is a bit strange as I had visions of it being filled up with all sorts of knick knacks in the beginning ;)
    I do love those roses of yours that are coming into bloom and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for us!

  15. I love the Cecile Brunner. Such a trooper rose and such delicate little buds.

    Interesting poll results. Looks like I'm pretty average compared to everyone else!

  16. aloha nell,

    very nice stick house with your rose, although i love that lavender hued rose even more...thanks for the news on updates, need to follow up again

  17. I care not one bit how a blog looks or what's in the sidebar. Frankly, I don't care all that much what they blog about. If it interests me, I read it.

    I do care about the personality of the blogger. It usually comes through loud and clear and all of my blogger friends are smart, kind, funny and thoughtful

    If I had a stick house, would my roses be as lovely as yours?


  18. I am truly in love with that rose, and your stick house. Oh what a creative mind you have.



  19. I'm going to leave the same comment here as I did on your other blog. Interesting. I don't run any sort of feed reader, in part because I like have the Blogger feeds on the side as a way to promote other people, and i can quickly tell who has updated (though alas, I don't read every post). Can't stand music widgets or some of the other things like that stupid snowfall thing that some are still running long after winter is over. If I remember correctly one of us got a virus which he suspected came in as a result of that widget.
    I did remove the tag cloud and twitter widget because they seemed extraneous. If people want to find me on Twitter, they will.
    No matter what Stuart does to Blotanical, some people are going to complain. For myself, when he makes a paying option available, I'll be opting for that so as to have no ads, and as a way of showing my support for his work all these years.
    My thought is that if someone thinks they can do it better, they should go ahead and create a new community to suit them. Blogs are highly personal, and while I choose not to go to ones that play music or have flashing bling or are hard to read, it's the blogger's choice to express their 'individuality' in whatever way they wish. We don't need blogowner association covenants to tell us how to design and write our blogs.

  20. Yep, blogs are personal since they're basically our journals which we have allowed others to view. Updating and changing things around is natural since it's fun and nice to "redecorate" every once in a while. In fact, I'm trying a new theme for my blog to make it easier for me personally to look at and I wanted a new look. LOL. And I always look forward to seeing pictures of other people's garden. I have learned to recognize a lot of different plants this way!

  21. Thanks for another thought provoking post! I used blotanical to find other interesting blogs, but sometimes feel quite guilty that I dont keep up with picks and faves etc. To each his own though, I prefer to have my current post take up the page. I find that when I read a blog regularly that the same photos on the side are superflous.

  22. To me blogs are as individual as the bloggers and I don't plan to change my layout to suit a specific site. I have many visitors that don't belong to Blotanical. I love to change my header according to the season. I don't like music or slow loading things like slideshows or flashing pictures. But that is my personal opinion and I wouldn't expect others to change or delete them for me. I love photos in posts as they are the hook that draws me in. I do look at blogrolls that others have as it is a great way to discover another blog with similar interests to mine. Sometimes the fancy backgrounds take a long time to load in (we don't all have super fast high speed internet).

    On another note, I love your twig house for your roses and I think we all need to get back to commenting on posts and not what will be happening or not happening at Blotanical. Let's give it a chance and see how it works. We do have the option not to participate if we don't like the new picks system, but there are other great features at Blotancial that we should be enjoying.


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