Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Butterfly Gardening, Native Azaleas and Blogging

Tuesday I visited a private garden deep in a pine forest where there is a certified Monarch Way Station, a huge garden of native azaleas, other native plants, a bird window for viewing from inside the house and many other features for the benefit of wildlife and viewing pleasure of the owners. I'm dividing the pictures into groups because there are too many for one post.
From a relatively small sample, here are the results of my latest informal poll:
Eighty four per cent of us link to the blogs of others.
Less than half blog about family.

About three quarters include pictures of public gardens on their blogs.
Fewer than one in five use public domain photos.

Guest posts are invited by only 13 %.
Almost half blog about plant nurseries.

More than a third blog about personal events like accidents or illnesses.

Fewer than a third blog about other gardeners -- I should have worded this differently and said 'the gardens of others.' I meant their gardens, not the persons.
Here is a preview of what we saw in the private garden we visited on Tuesday:
The cross hatches are netting outside the window to keep birds from flying into the window.
See the Cardinal? Drippers at three points keep fresh water flowing into the little pool.

How is this for a rustic garden shed?

Our hostess on the left, a visiting native azalea hybrider, and
in front of him, my friend Susie. We were heading out through the azaleas.

Evergreen and native azaleas at the forest edge.

Clematis on the Butterfly Garden Shed.

Trillims were everywhere.

Looking out from the threshold. On the right, asclepias and other plants await planting.
At right, Pentas and Porterweed that Susie brought for the Butterfly Garden.
Passiflora vines grow up through the shrubs in the background.

If you missed what I wrote above, this is not my garden. I visited here yesterday,
in the company of  experts on Native Azaleas and Butterfly Gardening.


  1. Dear NellJean, What a wonderful woodland garden which is not only home to a very desirable collection of Azaleas but also to wildlife. There is something very special about seeing garden cultivars blending into a natural setting. I have to confess, the trilliums are my favourite.

  2. What a beautiful place! And, even better-- attracting and supporting bees, birds, butterflies and native plants.

    (From your comment on my blog--I'll let you know how it goes with the ceanothus. I'm sure that I won't have blooms this year, but I was pleased with the size of the plant, health, shipping and service.)

  3. A beautiful woodland garden Nell Jean. One of our goals to is add more host plants for native butterfly species here. Each fall we have a huge influx of Monarchs that come through the area. I have to say, though, I'll be a very happy gardener if some day, someone walks through our garden and says that "Trilliums are everywhere!". Thanks for the tour!

  4. Nell ~ How nice that you got to visit this lovely private garden. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

    Thanks for sharing. It's so nice to go on little garden tours.


  5. I love to visit a garden like this. Quite, peaceful and beautiful! Thanks for sharing, and will check back to see more pictures!

  6. (That last paragraph was somewhat amusing.) You did indeed visit a beautiful place. The poll results were interesting. I actually love the blogs that occasionally include personal ramblings about life events, family, and pets, though I know some don't like that. And I prefer knowing that all photos were snapped by the blogwriter...or at least well-credited on the post.

  7. I have never been to a Certified Pollinator Garden before. What a wonderful experience.

  8. One day, I'll have my little cabin in the woods like that. Thanks for sharing. It's a beautiful place.

  9. This was an interesting tour.
    I just saw a piece on PBS TV about how too many of us kill off all natives and replace with hybrids and things that don't necessarily grow well where we put them.

    Maybe a little more appreciation for what we have already is in order.

    I love how you use so many natives. I am leaning in that direction, especially with shrubs and trees.

  10. My kind of garden! Thank you for the to check out the Certification! gail

  11. interesting results to your poll. Thanks for sharing.

    I love seeing azaleas like in the photo above - natural woodland setting. Looks like a lovely day!

  12. I loved the tour. Wonderful pics and post. jim

  13. I can't wait to see the rest of your tour. What a beautiful place to call home. All of the azaleas this year are so full & bright. I keep taking the long way home just to see them all.

    I didn't get to take your poll but you know I ramble on & on about whatever life is throwing at me and if I can get a picture of it..

    Well that makes it that much better.

    hugs from Savannah, Cherry


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