Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does my Blog Live Up to Its Name?

How did you choose a name for your blog? I chose Seed Scatterer because it is pretty much how I garden: scattering seeds, planting bulbs, striking cuttings. I added Secrets because it added a little mystery to the activity of scattering seeds. There are no real secrets, just good soil, adequate water and attention to climate.

Elliott Back surveyed 33,810 blogs in 2004. The top title word, used in 9.986 % of the blogs surveyed was blog. The next most popular, at 2.619 %, is life.  The next 8 most popular were weblog, world, from, journal, news, thoughts, with and daily.

Dotty Me

My second garden blog, Dotty Plants Journal is  a blog where I keep an unexciting record of daily events in the garden and expect little following. Before it was Dotty Plants it was Dotty Pants, a name taken from a sales receipt for pajama bottoms. I stopped posting to Dotty Pants for lack of inspiration. After a bad experience in which spam bots stole a Blogspot blog I deleted and used it for ads for libido pills and topless models, I never delete a blog. I just recycled Dotty Pants by adding a letter to Pants , adding 'Journal' and leaving the URL as is.

What about your Blog Name? Is your name your brand, or your pet's name? Does it reflect where you garden? Does funny and weird = Memorable? Did you give it a lot of thought or just grab something?

There is a new Poll on the Sidebar. It has to do with Blog Content. Is your garden the only subject about which you blog? Please check all that apply.

Spiderwort is in bloom.


  1. NeilJean,
    I really like spiderworts, yours is nice! I got some new ones from a local garden friend hoping they will be nice. Here is is so dry in the summer they don't get out of control at all.

  2. Nell, I always liked your GW name. Foxesearth.

  3. I checked only one box on the poll, the first one.

    You have a perfect name for your blog. You write about all different garden topics and share your knowledge (secrets).

    At first I started to blog in Croatian language, but as I joined Blotanical, started commenting on different blogs (written in English), I also started doing my posts in English.
    But name stayed "Moj Vrt" - it’s simply "My Garden". That’s it. And "Vrtlarica" is "Garden Girl". It’s a veggie garden journal, as your other blog.

  4. 'Secrets of a Seed Scatterer' is an intriguing blog name and it got me in Nell Jean - and I stayed because you do have so many secrets (knowledge) to share!

    When i was starting my blog I sat at the computer thinking my garden did not have anything to distinguish itself apart from being in a disastrous state, so I went with location as an easy out. I think I also made a common mistake by going with a time limited title, so the whole thing is due to combust at the end of the year anyway :D

  5. Nell Jean,

    Your blog lives up to the name! You were my inspiration on the Cottage Garden Forum to start scattering seeds and now I will never stop!

    My blog name came in a round about way. I was a techie geek before retirement (and still have those tendencies). We always "define before design" when writing requirements for computer software. I regret using this for my blog name as it's just too stuffy for my sense of humor.

  6. NellJean, I imagined you as one who went about the woods and empty lots and land preserves scattering native seeds and bulbs. I could actually see someone skipping around, arms outstretched, flinging seeds. Seriously, that is what your blog name brought to mind when I first read it.

    Mine own blog? When I first moved here, I was struck by the words on our local phone directory: "Peace River Valley." I was dumbfounded because there are not really mountains and valleys in peninsular Florida. But soon I saw the term everywhere. They really call this low-lying stretch of land that runs down Highway 17 the Peace River Valley. What other name could I give a garden blog here?

  7. Nell ~ I love your spiderworts. They are one of my very favorite flowers in my gardens. Right now they are blooming like crazy all over the place.

    Your Blog name is a great one. I also scatter seeds and am interested to see how things are growing in your part of the country.

    DH suggested FlowerLady for my online name because I'm out in among my flowers so much. When I started to blog, I looked up the word musings to use and it fit. I don't strictly blog about one thing, although gardening does play a major role.

    I also like your GW name of Foxesearth.

    Enjoy your beautiful gardens.


  8. NellJean: Your blog has a great name, and I like it! As of mine? To be honest, I registered a blog last year, but did not actually write anything until this year Janaury. The purpose of the blog was just recording my garden progress in my new house, thus the name "Southeast Florida Garden Envolvement". I did not expect I am now really attaching to this blog so much, and the name seems too long and to location specific. However, it does fit my blog content though. Only thing is if I ever move to another location, this blog name won't make sense any more :)

    Love your spiderworts! Very pretty blue!

  9. I love the title of your blog, it's personl to you. Like mine www.goodmemories, I want people to remember all the good things in life and what my life has been blessed with.

    I enjoy gardening, but I'm a complete amatuer. So looking at your blog is delightful.

    I'm more a writer on my blog, but I'm experimenting with my other crafts now too.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  10. Hi, NellJean;
    What a great post. I found you because of your blog's name. It was on the sidebar of someone's blog I had visited before. And, I visit often because you've got a great combination here with fun polls and interesting tidbits.

    As far as my own... I guess it lives up to it's name - only because so many companies and individuals have stolen the phrase in the 4 years I've been blogging. In the beginning, it was my way of trying to connect with other gardeners who shared my weird set of circumstances with such short growing seasons.

    Sorry this got so long! You've inspired a lot of contemplation! :))

    PS: I clicked almost every response to your poll and had to giggle re: the last one. I do that all the time!

  11. It is the Secret in your blog name that first piqued my interest to check it out! We all love mysteries. I remember Dotty Pants, it was on my blogroll at one point on the blogger blog. Thanks for the advice about deleting a blog, I have been wanting to do that with the blogger version of Faire Garden, two words, but never had the nerve. It can stay as is. I changed the name to one word, Fairegarden, and called it the alternative universe when first switching to wordpress. It should be changed, but won't be. The name was my garden design business from years ago, using my initials. A friend suggested the old English spelling of Faire. Good thing my last name begins with G, that made it easy. :-)

  12. Dear NellJean, In answer to your question, yes I feel that your weblog title very much lives up to its name. For me, the significant part is the word 'seed' since that is what I feel that you do and do so well.....seed ideas for further reflection by the reader, seed information without being too prescriptive, seed debate by posing questions and by being unafraid of controversy and seed friendship and a sense of community amongst your followers. The Blogosphere is richer as a result.

    As for my own weblog title.....enough said!!

  13. Randy and FlowerLady and Ami: The spiderworts! They tend to seed about. DH asked me the other day if I wanted to transplant any from the pecan grove before he mowed, LOL. They tend to get too big for the back of the long bed where I have a row, so I dig and divide. When they get ratty after something else comes in to bloom behind them, I just whack them to the ground and they recover nicely.

    Jim and FlowerLady, Foxes Earth is a fanciful name invented for where we live. It was also the title of the Web Site I had before I left the server where it still exists. Blogging started the next year.

    Garden Girl, I love that your blog is titled with the Croatian language name, Moj Vrt.

    Heidi, You might rethink your time-limited title. It has name recognition. If keeping it doesn't bother you, I think it has charm even when its time has passed.

    Cameron, you need a sub-title.

    Floridagirl, the only part of your description of me that you left off is and the part where the dog is with me and I'm singing "...and so I think the Lord, for giving me the things I need, the sun and rain and the [apple] seeds."

    Ami, your SEFGE blog is certainly original. If you move, it doesn't have to make sense. We get used to seeing a blog and associate it with the writer.

    Elizabeth, is new to me. I like it. Thank you for coming to visit. Your Feedjit doesn't seem to recognize me. Feedjit usually shows me as coming from anywhere from Hazelhurst, GA to Quincy, FL to somewhere in south Alabama, I think because of the pinging of the cellphone towers where my satellite comes from. Just imagine me as scattering imaginary seeds all over the southeast.

    Kate, I think I know now why Rip Van Winkle daffodil has never bloomed in my garden. He wants to go to a High Altitude -- or maybe he just has an attitude, or is planted too deep.

    FG, Fairegarden is now an institution of the garden world. Do not change a thing.

    Edith, yours is a perfect example of 'name as brand' -- mine would always bring to mind the British cult film actress of the same name, now retired.

  14. Those Spiderwort blooms look huge compared to the ones I see around here. Beautiful color.

    Thanks for the heads up on deleting a blogspot blog.

    I use Mamma Mia as a screen name for something else and just carried it over to my blog. Someone else had Mamma Mia, so I added the word Days.


  15. The name of your blog is what drew me to read what you had to say, and I am pleased I stopped by as I really enjoy your blog.As some of your other readers have said, your blog is personal and that is what attracts me, it is also how I write on my blogs, from my personal experience.
    As you probably know, people from New Zealand are known as Kiwis. The name Kiwi was already taken when I created my first blog Keewee's Corner so I just changed the spelling. I thought, when I created my garden blog, I would keep it simple and just name it Keewee's Garden.

  16. A great question and post Nell Jean and one which I often ponder myself.

    Your title is a good one - secrets for both mysteriousness and insights; scatterer allows you to talk about just about anything :)

    Mine was a fairly quick decision - my first 2 choices were already taken and Veg Plotting was the third. It's apt because lots of my ideas for posts occur to me up at my allotment plot. So like you, I'm also playimg with words with my blog title.

    However, I'm sure lots of people must think my blog is just about growing vegetables (and probably are put off by it), whereas they hardly get a look in these days.

    That's why I have my subtitle - it's a clue to the eclectic nature of my blog.

    I still wonder whether it's the right choice, but judging by my site stats it's a memorable name and over 2 years later on perhaps a bit of a brand too.

  17. I have been having difficulty making comments to your Blog; don't know why, but, rest assured, I am reading daily.

    I think your Blog name is perfect for you. I also love your "foxes earth" name. As you know, I love all things southern, especially novels and authors. I thought immediately of Anne Rivers Siddons of Atlanta, Ga. and her novel, Foxes Earth. I need to start reading her again.

    My tradescantias have just come up. The red one is worrying me some; it has spread a lot this spring. My blue is one I dug from the front ditch. They are native here. Our dogwoods are in the green bloom stage and should be in their full glory in a couple more weeks.

    I was not original with my Blog name.....It says just what it is, my online daily (sometimes)journal of life and gardening on a farm in the Ozarks.

    I do enjoy all these interestding Blogs; they are very addictive.

  18. You have a very nice name for your blog. I wish I had chosen a more personal name for mine but I began blogging thru an FTP and thought the generic In the Garden worked best. Oh well. Thanks for the advice on not deleting blogs. That is a bummer spambots have done that. Dottie Plants is a cool name too.

  19. I do love your blog's name, Nell Jean. It's charming and alliterates. :)

    My very first blog title was chosen using a quote from a poem I love, and the first garden blog I had I grew to dislike over time. It seemed too hard and boring, not a match at all for my writing. I'm much happier now with 'The Enchanted Earth.' It seems a better fit for me. Interestingly, I'd never used any of the most popular words in a blog title in any of the three I've had.

  20. I knew immediately when I saw your blog name that you scattered seeds like I do~It's so much fun! Clay and limestone is what I garden on and what I named my garden. It made sense to use it and everyone gets the connection right away. gail

  21. Nell, It's nice to see your spiderwort; mine are just starting to put up foliage.

    Regarding blog names, I am totally lacking in this kind of imagination. Since my name is Jean and the blog is about my garden, I called it "Jean's Garden." Just to show you how utterly lacking in title imagination I am, I thought this was a clever title!! LOL. -Jean

  22. The spiderwort is beautiful. I know you from your blog. The name fits your blog posts and pics perfectly. My blog name is a old family saying. I never thought I would find a world of garden bloggers when I started the blog. Every once in a while, I need to clarify the name. Maybe i should change the name to jimsgardenblog or something like that. jim

  23. I wish a had created a more original blog name now lol. I chose it, because I had a hard time finding blogs based where I live. I thought it might help other people who want to find blogs based in this area to locate it :) Oh well, a name's not everything. I just have to work harder to liven it up with my personality! :)

  24. I thought long and hard and honestly brainstormed with friends and family. It had to reflect me and my gardening style. My humorous sister came up with Serial Tiller and I added the Confessions of part. That's pretty much me....digging holes until I could just pass out...all season long!

  25. Hi NellJean,
    I love the name of your blog, and the secret part drew me right in! You have created a wonderful discussion here, and I have enjoyed reading the reasons people have chosen a blog name. I grew up in Africa and now live in Australia, and so Africanaussie just seemed right.

  26. Nell Jean, I've always liked the name of your blog and it fits. Thanks for this interesting post, I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments on how they chose names.

    Mine is based on a doodle by Andre Jordan (and I attribute it to him with a link to him on my home page). It was a cartoon of the most downcast little weeds, expressing their remorse, saying they were so sorry and they would never do it again. Cracked me up. So when it came time to type in a title in blogspot, I just had to type in My weeds were very sorry .... (and they really are, always promising not to do it again.) It sort of sums up my garden's state.

  27. I've always loved the name of your blog. I found it through Garden Web.
    My blog title is how I feel about myself. I always felt my garden was a work in progress, and as a person I'm always learning more about gardening. I think I'll always be a gardener in progress, there's still so much to be learned!

  28. I reluctantly chose Deb's Garden, because that is what my family and friends call it. I thought about choosing something less mundane, like "The Enchanted Woodlands" but decided to be honest about it. I think a more interesting name might draw in viewers more quickly, but I hope content will win folks over.

  29. More Family and Flowers is about my Family and Flowers.

  30. What a great subject for a post. I sometimes wonder where people come up with their names. Some are so creative - like yours :-) As for me, I do tend to 'ramble' and so it was fairly easy to come up with a title.

  31. Your blog name is great, it conjures up images of a secret garden and certainly gives me some inspiration on plants and shrubs to add to my garden as i'm not great with anything except growing veggies!

    I do love your polls/surveys as well, its really quick to participate, especially if reading at lunchtime at work!

    My blog name iGrowVeg was thought up by my boyfriend and thanks to him it does what it says on the tin! I do indeed grow veg.

  32. Oh, your blog name is evocative, and I think that's exactly what it should be. It made me click the first time just because of the name.

    My blog name just popped in my head as something cute and memorable, and to be honest I was shocked that someone already hadn't claimed it. I too registered it at the time I came up with it but didn't post for a while!

  33. Well, let's see... the original name and the URL is goahhh, which is in reference to how I have been feeling lately due to a rough past year. Since I'm just a casual blogger, I don't really expect to get traffic but I am absolutely thrilled when I do, I kept the same URL of goahhh, then changed the name to Cindy Sue, that would be me, haha. Thought it sounded more appropriate for me.

  34. Hello Nell Jean,
    I must say I've always thought your blog name was one of the more clever and meaningful ones. Those traits also match the person I sense you to be. I so appreciate all your secrets and wisdom.

    Three years ago when I started my blog I didn't know garden blogs existed... had never seen one or read one. My daughter suggested I start one to have a place to log the photos of my garden. Hoe and Shovel seemed like a name I'd like to use if I ever actually "named" my garden so I picked it for my blog name. I still like it and I'm glad I was so inspired from the beginning. Names and meanings matter a lot to me.

    I find it much easier to find a blog when the URL is the same as the name.

    Love your spiderworts. I planted them for the first time last year. This year they are very tall... I didn't realize they would do that. But they stayed green all freezing winter so they will be "scattered" to more places on purpose. They are also happily blooming on roadsides everywhere down here right now.
    Meems @HoeandShovel

  35. I like your Blog name because it does add a little mystery to the title that make people take notice.

    I wished I would have put more thought into my Blog name Vetsy's View...I'm not really satisfied with it..But I chose the title because I thought I might want to discuss more than gardening on my blog.

    Vetsy is a family nickname my birth name is Eyvette.

    My blog name I hope, reflects how I see the world and what I personally think about certain issues that are important to me, thus.. is where I came up with the second part of the name View.

    It's my blog, my thoughts, my opinion, my View"

    which is Vetsy's View... what do you think? do you think it's a good choice?

  36. Nell, I checked four in the survey box.

    1). Yes I have link to other blogs and websites.

    2). Blog about family

    3). Blog about plant nurseries or other gardens places..This I've just done on Marshall's one of my favorite places for garden accents.

    4). Include pic of public garden or other places.. Yes I have a few I want to blog about this summer.

  37. Actually, your sense of humour was what attracted me to your blog. It was via a comment you make in someone else's blog. At first, I thought it was a bit too long and I used to wonder what secrets you have and what are you scattering, lol. Now, as I read and understand more, I think it is a great name and it fits you perfectly. Can you please tell me what is GW? I'm still blurr.

    As for my blog name, My Nice Garden, that's the simplest name I can think of which is still available. I started blogging under another name to blog about my personal life but I found no inspiration. This blog name was specially created after I applied to join Blotanical, so I became a garden blogger instead. I never expected to blog so long and love it so much as a garden blogger!


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