Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Secrets of a Magician

A Garden Blogger is much like a Magician. Here are some of the qualities of their work that are similar.

A magician, like a blogger, performs for a specific group of people, who look forward to the show.

He tells a story that matches the audience. He doesn't try to persuade them that they don't know enough about his art or teach them a lesson. He makes the show easy to enjoy.

He creates an illusion that delights the viewer as more of the story is revealed.

A blogger, like a magician maintains a generous attitude.

Gardening, like magic, looks easy because of planning and practice that goes into preparing the show.

There's a riot of information racing by in each presentation. We magnify little bits into what we embrace as the full picture. Like the magician's art, garden blogs are meant to entertain and delight.

Do you find magic in blogs? Does your blog delight the viewer with sleight of hand in the garden?


  1. Very good post. You're right...garden blogs are sometimes like magic. A tight shot of a flower, can be that slight of hand. Back off for a long shot, and you can see all is not bliss.
    Here @ Patchwork, there are weeds, weeds, weeds, in the long shots.

    Your roses are looking so pretty...close up or far off.


  2. Thanks, Linda. I forgot to mention Distraction as a tool of both the magician and the gardener. All the bright colors in the front take the eye away from the azalea blooms that turned brown and haven't shed yet.

    I just think of weeds as ground cover until I get around to them.

  3. I have to agree with Linda. I'm very much in 'sleight of hand' mode. I have some lovely plants, many wild natives, some not, with beautiful flowers. I find my macro filter is rarely taken off my lens these days. If I came clean, you'd see the truth...I'm drowning in weeds this spring!

  4. Yes, there is definitely a bit of slight of hand in the garden photographs on my blog. Someone I manage to crop out the common and ordinary bits like hoses and cars that would detract from the beauty of the garden. On the other hand, it's a bit like trying to show my audience how I see the garden. Editing those things out is really like putting the reader in my head because as I view my garden I tend to only see the good stuff and the the distracting ordinary :)

  5. I love this post...

    I think it is very easy to focus closely on the beauty of the garden and avoid the wide camera shots that would show scrawny plants, weeds and uncultivated areas. For example, I have not shown anyone my sideyard....yet ;-)

  6. I love the new look and this post is most fun. I think garden blogs are a bit more than to entertain and delight. I like mine to show me the progression of my garden and use it as a sort of scrapbook. Therefore there will be good pictures and bad, new plantings and established and maybe even some things not so photogenic like sawfly larve, but hey, blogs are individual just like the gardens and gardeners who tend them. That is really what I think makes blogs magic:)

  7. Oh, yes, the camera can perform a bit of magic. By focusing on what the blogger wants you to see, the camera eliminates the weeds or other undesirable elements that detract from the full view. But the camera also reveals beautiful images that would be lost by a casual glimpse at the scenery. And that is magical!

  8. Sure, I have been long convinced that garden blogger can do the magic! Even when looking at my own blog, I found it is more attractive than my garden itself :) Love those poppies!

  9. Nell Jean, I like this metaphor~our gardens are magical. We scatter seeds, plant plants and voila they appear like magic even after horrid winters and hot summers. gail PS I am sighing over that most fragrant of shrub roses!

  10. I don't know if my garden or my garden blog is magical. if it is, then I feel like the bumbling magician who's act is always going wrong LOL.


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